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Are you interested in Yes King Original Video Twitter? In the world of internet memes, very few memes attract attention and become famous like the “Yes King Original Video Twitter”, which quickly spread across multiple social media platforms. This meme was inspired by a video that LoveAndLightTv and ThickMuthaFukah participated in 3xplicitly on Twitter, and has garnered millions of views thanks to its humorous catchphrase and unexpected journey. Join us to explore the history, influence, and special appeal of this meme to gain a better understanding of its cultural significance.

Exposing the ‘Yes King Original Video Twitter’s Roots

Exposing the 'Yes King Original Video Twitter's Roots

The Instigating Twitter Post

The ‘Yes King Original Video Twitter’ meme first gained attention as a viral meme that started with a controversial upload to Twitter. The video was uploaded on March 30, 2023, by a Twitter user known as @LoveAndLightTv, who posted a sample from his recent OnlyFans video. The video featured two popular male OnlyFans models, LoveAndLightTv and ThickMuthaFukah, engaged in a 3xplicit act.

The video quickly went viral and sparked a lot of discussions and debates on social media platforms. While some users found it hilarious and entertaining, others criticized it for being too explicit and inappropriate. Despite the controversy, the meme gained more and more attention, with users sharing and remixing the video to create their own versions.

One of the main reasons why the ‘Yes King Original Video Twitter’ meme became so popular is its catchy catchphrase “Yes King!” which was shouted by ThickMuthaFukah during the video. This catchphrase became a meme on its own, with users incorporating it into their own memes and videos.

As the meme grew in popularity, it spread to other social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. It also spawned countless spin-off memes, remixes, and parodies that kept the meme fresh and relevant.

ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv: Unraveling the Personalities

To fully understand the background of the “Yes King Original Video” meme, it is important to examine the individuals involved in its creation. LoveAndLightTv and ThickMuthaFukah are both popular male models on the OnlyFans website, with a significant following and a reputation for creating explicit content.

Their popularity and fame played a crucial role in the meme’s initial traction, as their large fan base helped the video gain attention and quickly spread across social media platforms. The video’s controversial nature and explicit content only added to its appeal and helped it gain notoriety among internet users.

LoveAndLightTv, whose real name is unknown, has gained a significant following on OnlyFans for his explicit videos and photos. He is known for his muscular physique and often collaborates with other models on the platform to create content. His participation in the “Yes King Original Video” helped to boost his popularity even further and brought him to the attention of a wider audience.

ThickMuthaFukah, whose real name is also unknown, is another popular OnlyFans model known for his muscular physique and explicit content. He has gained a significant following on social media platforms due to his provocative content and is known for his humorous and playful demeanor.

The conversation “Is That Dick Good?” stands out

The infamous “Yes King Original Video Twitter” meme was inspired by a conversation that took place between ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv in the controversial video that was uploaded to Twitter. During the video, LoveAndLightTv provocatively asked ThickMuthaFukah, “Is that dick good?” In response, ThickMuthaFukah confidently replied with the now-iconic catchphrase, “Yes King.”

The humorous and provocative conversation between the two OnlyFans models proved to be the perfect inspiration for the creation of a meme that would go on to capture the attention of millions of internet users worldwide. The catchphrase “Yes King” became a cultural phenomenon and was incorporated into countless memes and videos, making it an iconic part of internet culture.

Twitter’s immediate reception and responses

The “Yes King Original Video” meme quickly gained popularity on Twitter after its upload, eliciting a wide range of responses from users. Some were shocked by the explicit content, while others found the video amusing and intriguing. Despite the mixed reactions, the video received significant engagement, garnering 2,900 likes and 555,800 views in just two months.

The provocative nature of the video, coupled with ThickMuthaFukah’s humorous response, paved the way for the meme’s subsequent propagation to other social media platforms. As the meme gained momentum, it spread to other platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, where it continued to attract a larger audience and become a viral sensation.

ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv’s risky Twitter posting played a significant role in the meme’s success, with their memorable exchange and catchy catchphrase capturing the attention of users and helping to propel the meme to internet fame. The initial responses and engagement on Twitter served as a launching pad for the meme’s journey across other platforms and helped to cement its place in the cultural lexicon of the internet.

The Spread of Violence on Social Media Platforms

Yes King original video twitter

The “Yes King Original Video Twitter” meme found a new home on TikTok, a popular platform for short-form videos. Users quickly recognized the meme’s potential for virality, with the question “Is that dick good?” and the response “Yes King” becoming a popular catchphrase on the platform. To amplify the meme’s impact, users began incorporating the audio from the original Twitter post into their own videos.

One TikToker who played a significant role in the meme’s viral growth on the platform was @tajid. Their video, which combined the sounds and creative graphics of the meme, quickly gained popularity. The post received over 477,500 plays and 46,900 likes in just one month, serving as a catalyst for further interaction and sparking a viral wave that helped the meme gain even more fame.

Beyond TikTok, the “Yes King Original Video Twitter” meme also found its way to iFunny, a website known for its meme-sharing community. The meme was first shared on iFunny by Reddit user InIncognitoTabs, who uploaded the video to the /r/thugsaucesthesequel subreddit. The post received almost 2,500 upvotes in just 25 days, with many users crediting it as a key entry point for the meme.

The iFunny community was highly engaged and actively participated in conversations surrounding the “Yes King Original Video Twitter” meme. Users shared their own interpretations, comments, and remixes of the meme, with the subreddit serving as a hub for meme enthusiasts to explore and contribute to the meme’s enduring appeal. The iFunny community welcomed the meme with open arms, further aiding in its propagation through comments, upvotes, and additional posts.

TikTok and iFunny played significant roles in the “Yes King Original Video Twitter” meme’s meteoric proliferation across multiple social media platforms. TikTok users capitalized on the meme’s audio and catchphrase to create their own videos, with @tajid’s video becoming the source of the platform’s viral wave. On iFunny, the meme gained traction thanks to Reddit user InIncognitoTabs’ post, sparking engagement and debate among users. These platforms helped the meme reach a wider audience and solidified its status as a noteworthy viral phenomenon.

The YouTube ‘Yes King Original Video Twitter’ and Its Effect

The “Yes King Original Video Twitter” meme gained even more popularity as it made its way from TikTok to YouTube, a platform known for hosting a wide variety of videos. As the meme grew in popularity, TikTok users began uploading their videos to YouTube, increasing its exposure and attracting more viewers. This transition from TikTok to YouTube allowed the meme to expand its user base and establish a more permanent place in internet meme culture.

On YouTube, the “Yes King Original Video” meme was given a visual makeover, with content creators combining the meme’s audio with inventive images. These artistic redefinitions added a new level of humor and satirical commentary to the meme, making it even more enjoyable for viewers. The meme’s versatility and ingenuity were on full display as it expanded beyond its initial format through creative editing and graphics.

As the meme gained popularity on YouTube, it began to spread globally, attracting a larger audience and reaching viewers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Users reposted, remixed, and created their own variations of the meme, helping it to spread even further throughout the YouTube community. This broad appeal helped the meme to survive and cemented its reputation as a significant meme within the greater YouTube community.

The “Yes King Original Video Twitter” meme has become a well-known and enduring meme in internet culture, captivating viewers on TikTok, Twitter, iFunny, and YouTube. Its bold beginnings and quick propagation are a testament to the effectiveness of comedy, irony, and the connectedness of online communities. The dynamic growth of digital culture and the power of viral content to cross platforms and boundaries are evident in the journey of this meme. The “Yes King Original Video” meme is proof of the pervasive appeal and influence of online memes in today’s culture.


What is the “Yes King Original Video” meme?

The “Yes King Original Video” meme originated from a Twitter post in which user ThickMuthaFukah responded with “Yes King” to the question “Is that dick good?” The meme features the audio from the exchange, which has been remixed and paired with inventive graphics to create a humorous and satirical commentary.

How did the “Yes King Original Video” meme become popular?

The meme gained popularity on Twitter shortly after its upload, with users responding with a mix of shock, amusement, and curiosity. The provocative nature of the original post, coupled with ThickMuthaFukah‘s humorous response, helped to propel the meme to internet fame. It then spread to other platforms, such as TikTok, iFunny, and YouTube, where it continued to gain traction and attract a larger audience.

Why is the “Yes King Original Video” meme so popular?

The meme’s popularity can be attributed to its humorous and satirical commentary, as well as its versatility and adaptability. The audio from the original post can be remixed and paired with various graphics and images to create new versions of the meme, keeping it fresh and entertaining for viewers.

What impact has the “Yes King Original Video” meme had on internet culture?

The meme has become a well-known and enduring meme in internet culture, demonstrating the power of viral content to cross platforms and reach a global audience. Its success has highlighted the effectiveness of humor and irony in creating engaging and entertaining content that resonates with viewers. Additionally, it has showcased the ingenuity and creativity of the meme-making community, who are able to take a simple audio clip and turn it into a cultural phenomenon.

What are some of the most popular variations of the “Yes King Original Video” meme?

Some popular variations of the meme include remixes of the audio with inventive graphics, parodies of the original post, and spin-offs that use the catchphrase “Yes King” in different contexts. Additionally, many users have created their own versions of the meme, adding new twists and interpretations to keep it fresh and entertaining.


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