VIRAL Taco Smash Burgers (Griddle/Cast Iron Skillet)

You have to try this combo – this is how to make taco smash burgers on a griddle! Cook it outdoors on the Blackstone Grill or Traeger Grills Flatrock Griddle, or inside on a cast iron skillet. Let’s griddle smashed taco burgers!

VIRAL Taco Smash Burger Recipe
This may have started as a tik tok or instagram trend, but it’s here to stay in MY house! Fold this taco burger in half and eat it like… a taco! 

Thanks to Traeger Grills for sending over the griddle used in this demo – all opinions are my own. See my Traeger Flatrock Grill review.

TIP for your first time smashing burgers…

Have your toppings ready to go…

Cooking a Taco Smashed Burger with Cheese on the Griddle

And make just 1-2 smash burgers at a time to get into the flow of it…

This recipe cooks fast!

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What is a taco smash burger?

These are basically a smashburger, cooked into a soft tortilla shell… 

Party Serving Platter With Taco Smashed Burgers

And then topped with Mexican inspired toppings, or Big Mac toppings… 

Or whatever you’d like to make classic burgers into a taco…

Why smash burger tacos are SO great…

  • FAST recipe.
  • Inventive new dinner idea to spice up your week!
  • Make them inside in a cast iron skillet.
  • OR griddle taco smash burgers outside!
  • Smashed burgers cook fast.
  • Make your own tasty hamburger patties.
  • Serve as a main course, or as part of a taco bar.
  • Never decide between burger night and taco night again!
Smashed Taco Burger with Salsa and Cheese

New to cooking burgers

Scroll to the bottom of this post for step-by-step video instructions.


Here’s what you need to make smash burger tacos.

Infographic with ingredients list for taco smashed burgers with Sip Bite Go logo

Ingredients for taco smash burger base

  • 1 LB ground beef, 80/20 (this will make 6 taco smashed burgers)
  • 6 flour tortillas, 6-8” medium size
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ½  tsp pepper
  • ½  tsp garlic powder
  • 3 tbsp butter, salted, divided in 6 portions
  • 6 slices cheddar cheese

Ideas for the toppings for taco smash burgers

Ingredients for Taco Smashed Burgers Recipe On Kitchen Counter Sip Bite Go

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How to make smash burger tacos

Now I’ll walk you through it…

Infographic demonstrating how to make viral taco smash burger recipe with captions and Sip Bite Go logo

Quick look at smash burger tacos recipe

  1. Prep burger patties by them into balls…(no seasoning yet)
  2. Heat griddle / inside pan to about medium high heat.
  3. Add butter to the griddle and let it melt.
  4. Add burger ball and season.
  5. Quickly add tortilla and smash it down into the beef ball to make a thin patty.
  6. Flip when ready…about 2 – 3 minutes.
  7. Top with cheese to melt and condiments of your liking. 
  8. Enjoy.
Taco Smashed Burger with Tortilla on a plate Recipe

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Detailed recipe steps…

  1. Prep all toppings in advance. I like to set out a smash burger bar with all the Mexican-inspired or Big Mac inspired toppings ready to go. If you’re cooking anything else like onions and peppers, get them cooking before the smash burgers, since they take longer to cook.
  2. Get your equipment ready so you can cook ‘em fast! Also have your burger press or a large, heavy spatula ready to go so you can smash the burger quickly. And a dome if you want it to help melt the cheese in the final steps.
  3. Prep hamburger patties for taco smash burgers. To do this, divide the package of ground beef into 6 equal portions. Roll beef in hands to make each portion a circle that’s about the size of a meatball. You’ll season these later, on the outdoor griddle or in the cast iron skillet. Chill until you’re ready to cook.
  4. Prep smashed taco burger seasonings. In a small bowl, mix together the salt and pepper, and garlic powder. You’ll apply these seasonings, to taste, as you make the burgers.
  5. Preheat cook surface. I usually set a cast iron skillet to med-high or high, OR griddle grill to medium or med-high. (I find my Flatrock/Blackstone griddles get hotter faster than my inside stove, that’s why I say this, but use your judgment). 
  6. TIP for your first time: make just 1-2 smash burgers at a time to get into the flow of it…
  7. Add one cube of butter to the hot griddle / pan.  
  8. Quickly add the burger ball on top. Sprinkle the burger ball with a little seasoning.
  9. Quickly add a tortilla and SMOOSH it down with a burger press or large metal spatula until it’s as thin as possible. 
  10. Closely monitor taco smash burger while it cooks. Once the bottom (where the beef patty is) appears cooked and browned, and is easy to lift off the hot surface with a spatula – when it doesn’t stick when you try to lift it…. Then it’s ready to…
  11. FLIP IT! And sprinkle a little more seasoning on top, if desired.
  12. Add cheese on top (optional: toss a burger dome on top to melt the cheese faster) and cook until the tortilla on the bottom lightly browns to your liking. You just want to lightly toast the tortilla so it’s easy to bend in half when it cools a bit and folds like a taco shell.
  13. Remove taco smash burger from griddle / cast iron pan when it’s cooked to your liking. Hopefully you smashed it thin enough that it cooked to your desired temperature. Smash burgers, since they are so thin, are typically served more on the medium-well to well-done side since they are thin, crispy burgers. You can use an internal read thermometer to cook them to your preference.
  14. Finish your trending viral taco smash burgers as you’d like! 
Closeup of VIRAL Taco Smash Burgers with Mexican Toppings Style

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What hamburger meat is best for taco smash burgers?

I recommend using 80/20 ground beef for the hamburger patties. If you’d like a patty that’s less fatty, then go with 90/10 ground beef.

What is the taco smash burger technique?

The trick to making a smash burger taco is to place the ground beef ball onto the flat top and using a flour tortilla and burger press, smash the tortilla against the beef to make it a thin crispy beef patty that’s formed into the same shape as the tortilla. 

How long do you cook your beef patty before flipping?

This is a really fast process. When cooking over medium high heat on your flat top, the smashburger tacos will be ready to flip within 2-3 minutes. The patty will be nice and crispy.

What type of tortilla should you use to make smash burger tacos?

While you could use either corn tortillas, I definitely recommend using a flour tortilla on top of the beef patties because flour tortillas will be a bit more pliable during the cooking process. Even after toasting the tortilla after flipping, you’ll still be able to fold a flour tortilla like a taco.

Viral Taco Smashed Burger Recipe with text overlay and Jenna Passaro food blogger with Sip Bite Go logo

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Meat thermometer recommendations

Every home chef needs a reliable meat thermometer to cook food perfectly. 

On Sip Bite Go, you’ll often see me using:

  1. Meater thermometer – a fancy wireless thermometer that connects to a phone app – gifted to me from a Traeger partnership.
  2. ThermoPro digital thermometer – which has a wire that connects the thermometer to a display box outside the oven/grill. 

It’s like being psychic! The great thing about either of the thermometers above is that I don’t have to take the food out of the oven to know the temperature. 

How to use ‘em… What I do is stick the digital thermometer in steak, pork, chicken, whatever… Then put the food in the oven, on the smoker, or grill.

While the meat cooks, it reads the temperature so I know exactly what temp meat is as it’s cooking. Without having to take it out and check. It’s really difficult to overcook food when you know exactly what temp it is inside!

Are you a foodie, too?

Hey home chef, hope that answers all your questions about making taco style smash burgers. 

I’ll be sure to add to the Sip Bite Go burger recipe collection here with any new Instagram smash burger recipes / trending Tik Tok burger recipes I test out!

Enjoy cooking and chat soon on Instagram / TikTok / YouTube.

– Jenna

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VIRAL Taco Smash Burger Recipe

VIRAL Taco Smash Burger Recipe | Sip Bite Go

You have to try this combo – this is how to make taco smash burgers on a griddle! Cook it outdoors on the Blackstone Grill or Traeger Grills Flatrock Griddle, or inside on a cast iron skillet. Let’s griddle smashed taco burgers! |