Upgrade your kitchen appliances this Christmas with Bosch

How to upgrade your kitchen this Christmas with Bosch’s latest appliances

Bosch silicone kettle, £59.99

Bosch silicone kettle

From helping with meal prep to making endless cups of tea, your kettle is often one of the most hardworking kitchen appliances throughout the festive period. This eye-catching model from Bosch comes in a choice of two colours: deep red or grey.

It sits on a square base and rotates 360 degrees, so is easy to lift regardless of whether you’re right or left-handed. In testing, we found it remarkably compact despite the fact it holds an impressive 1.7 litres. Pouring was also smooth, and boiling a litre of water took just two minutes. If you want to coordinate your accessories, there’s also a matching four-slice toaster available.

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Bosch mini chopper, £29.99

Bosch mini chopper MMR08

Chopping and slicing ingredients for a festive feast can be taxing, especially when you’re feeding a large number of people. Enter the Bosch mini chopper – a unique-looking gadget that makes light work of the more mundane tasks, so you have more time for the fun parts of cooking.

The chopper comes with an 800ml bowl and a pair of stainless steel blades, all of which can be put in the dishwasher afterwards. To operate it, simply push down on the ridged portion of the lid and watch the blades get to work. You can also pulse it, or hold it down so the blades continuously spin.

In testing, we found it produced fine and consistent results, and we liked the selection of recipes inside the manual, too.

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Bosch DesignLine Plus four-slot toaster, £49.99

Bosch DesignLine toaster

Whether you’re planning the ultimate Christmas day breakfast, or looking to upgrade your current model, this cream Bosch toaster is a dependable and stylish addition to the kitchen counter. Awarded 5/5 stars by the Good Food reviews team, it’s a lightweight piece of kit that cooks quickly, too. In testing, we found our toast was ready in just 90 seconds and had mostly even lines on each side.

There are six levels to choose from on the thermostat, plus a reheat button and defrost button. There’s plenty of room for both standard and extra-large slices, and we liked that you can operate the toasting chambers independently from each other, too.

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Bosch Tassimo Vivy2 coffee machine, was £106.99, now £30.99 (white model only)

Bosch Tassimo Vivy2 coffee machine

Anyone gift-shopping for a coffee machine will find that some models can be quite expensive. What makes the Vivy2 such a good choice is it has a much more affordable price tag, and is still capable of producing rich, delicious coffee.

It uses an integrated barcode reader to scan compatible pods, then adjusts its settings to match whatever you want to make. This means you’ll always get a fuss-free, simple coffee-making experience, with next to no chance of any drinks coming out incorrectly.

The Vivy2 has a compact, smart-looking body and is quick to set up, and in testing we also found the 700ml water tank easy to remove and refill. You can also recycle the pods at selected drop-off points with the PodBack scheme.

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Bosch Tassimo Finesse coffee machine, was £118.99, now £39.99

Bosch Tassimo Finesse coffee machine

A great pick for coffee drinkers who are limited on kitchen space, the Tassimo Finesse is a lightweight, compact gadget that’s available in a wide range of colours. It takes just 30 seconds to heat up, and can make up to 50 different drinks from over 11 well-known brands, including Cadbury, Kenco, Costa and L’Or.

When we tested this model, we found there was little room for error as it’s so easy to operate. If you want to give your coffee an upgrade, you can also adapt the intensity by pressing the ‘intensity boost’ button for three seconds, to get an extra hit of flavour.

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Bosch Tassimo MyWay2 coffee machine, was £99.99, now £59.99

Bosch Tassimo My Way 2 coffee machine

If versatility is what you want from a coffee machine, this sophisticated gadget from Tassimo is compatible with a wide range of pods, so you can create everything from smooth americanos to creamy hot chocolates and aromatic chai lattes.

It has an inbuilt Brita water filter, so hot drinks taste great every time – and you’ll eliminate the risk of limescale clogging up the machine. The design is compact and sleek, and in testing we found the controls clear and intuitive. You can also personalise each drink, and there’s a choice of three different sizes, strengths and temperatures. There’s even the option to save your favourite drinks to speed up the process for next time.

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