Top 10 spring dinner ideas

For more inspiration, see our easy dinner recipes and our traybake collection. For some sensational drinks to go with your impressive plates, try our favourite spring cocktail recipes.

Spring one-pot roast chicken

Add a springtime twist to your Sunday roast with fresh, seasonal veg and a creamy sauce made using mascarpone, tarragon and lemon. It’s bursting with colour and flavour. Simply roast the chicken with the veggies until cooked through.

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Slow cooker vegetable stew with cheddar dumplings

This meat-free marvel is packed with vegetables and beans in a creamy sauce, livened with mustard and fresh herbs. The cheddar dumplings take this humble stew to a new dimension – this is simple comfort food at its best.

One-pan lamb with hasselback potatoes

A roast with hardly any washing-up? The dream is real. This one-pot recipe flavours lamb with garlic and herbs, and roasts it alongside hasselback potatoes. Try it with our green olive & herb dressing.

Double cheese & spring vegetable tart

This veggie feast can be prepared ahead to make dinnertime superbly stress-free. The base adds cheddar to ready-made shortcrust pastry to add more flavour, and compliment the seasonal veg and goat’s cheese filling. Bliss.

Cheesy ham hock, spinach & ricotta lasagne

We love a traditional lasagne, but this springtime twist is a serious contender for the top-spot. The filling is a moreish mix of shredded ham hock, ricotta and spinach. The top a golden union of mozzarella and gruyère. This will become a midweek staple.

Ham and cheese

Ham & cheese is a deceptively simple title for this delightful dinner, which rests sticky-glazed gammon on a rich cauliflower cheese. Super-indulgent and impressive to boot, this is best served with roast potatoes to mop up the sauce.

Ricotta, broccoli, & new potato frittata

Gluten-free, vegetarian, healthy and quick – this frittata fires on all cylinders. It has plenty of springtime veg (think asparagus and new potatoes) and tastes great for lunch the next day, too.

Pork Medallions

A delightful dinner year-round, these creamy pork medallions go exceptionally well with seasonal spring greens. Cook the pork in a creamy mushroom sauce made with shallots, madeira, chicken stock, double cream and fresh herbs.

Herby spring chicken pot pie

We love this pie for many reasons. It’s quick – using leftover roast chicken or ready-cooked thighs. It’s one-pot – that means hardly any washing-up, hurrah! And it’s an absolute joy to eat, with a flavourful sauce, spring veg and golden, crispy filo top.

Honey & mustard chicken thighs with spring veg

The classic combination of wholegrain mustard, honey and lemon juice work wonders with chicken thighs. Add potatoes, peas and spinach to this seasonal traybake for a riot of colour, flavour and texture.

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