Top 10 New Year’s Eve cocktails

Inject tropical flavours into your New Year’s Eve cocktail menu with a classic Singapore sling. Mix festive cherry brandy with bitters, herbal liqueur and fruit juice to make this eye-catching, gin-based tipple. Make the most of any bottles going spare with our best ever gin cocktail recipes.

2. Winter whiskey sour

Winter whiskey cocktail

Give the confirmed classic a festive makeover with our winter whiskey sour. This simple recipe is a must-try for bourbon fans. Sweet and sour notes are perfectly balanced with a splash of fresh citrus and dash of sugar syrup. Add some edible gold glitter for extra sparkle. Need help choosing your bourbon base? Read our review of the 10 best bourbon whiskies – taste tested.

3. Festive negroni

three glasses of festive negroni

If a negroni is your cocktail of choice, try this spice-laced version. Our festive negroni is made with cinnamon, star anise and bay leaves for a new twist on the Italian classic. After tasting one, it’ll be hard to go back to the original.

4. Peppermint mojito

peppermint mojito

There’s nothing wrong with keeping the festive vibes going into the new year. Combine the classic mojito with Christmassy peppermint in this candy-cane-inspired peppermint mojito cocktail. To prep for a party you could make some mint syrup in advance. Don’t forget the colourful candy canes to garnish.

5. Pomegranate martini mocktail

Pomegranate martini mocktail

Make the most of this seasonal fruit in our pomegranate martini mocktail – a blend of pomegranate juice, non-alcoholic gin and orange juice. It’s a good alcohol-free option for any guests not on the booze this New Year’s Eve. Discover more of our mocktail ideas that’ll please everyone.

6. Passion fruit martini

two passionfruit martini cocktails

No celebration would be complete without our easy passion fruit martini. Add vanilla vodka for subtle sweetness and passion fruit liqueur for a burst of fresh, zingy flavour. Make our simple sugar syrup in advance, then store in the fridge. Shake up more elegant martini recipes from our best ever collection.

7. Black Russian

Black Russian and a glass of Coke

Our coffee-laced black Russian is the perfect after-dinner pick-me-up. It can be served short or as a long drink topped up with cola. And because there are no syrups in the recipe you won’t need to prepare anything in advance. Try another caffeinated cocktail in the form of our upcycled white Russian, made with cream, vanilla, rum and coffee grounds. Kick your evening up a notch with even more coffee cocktail recipes.

8. Grapefruit spritz

Grapefruit spritz

Cut through all that Christmas feasting with a sharp grapefruit spritz, a drink bursting with citrus flavours. Garnish with a twist of grapefruit zest to bring a touch of summer to your celebrations. Raise a glass to our favourite easy cocktail recipes for stress-free entertaining.

9. Espresso martini

two espresso martinis

Always a favourite, our espresso martini is easy to make and will help keep you going until midnight. The recipe calls for freshly brewed espresso, a dash of coffee liqueur and a simple sugar syrup. Make sure you really give this a good go in the cocktail shaker to create a beautifully foamy top. For a version with a bit less alcohol, try our espresso shrub martini.

10. Spice 75


Elevate a standard bottle of bubbles with our sophisticated spice 75. It’s a taste of the festive season in a glass. A little sweetness, spice and some rum make this the perfect winter warmer, all wrapped up in an elegant package.

Want more brilliant uses for your bubbly? Check out 10 champagne cocktails you can make in minutes.

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