The Best Time To Visit Asheville, North Carolina

As I’ve written about before, I wasn’t always an Asheville resident. For more than a decade, Asheville was where I went on holidays and vacations to see my in-laws, and as such, I’ve got a pretty solid window into the times of year that people come here for fun and adventure during vacations. 

That being said, I’ve now lived here for a year and a half as well, which means I’ve also seen the in-between times, the times when local residents are the primary folks visiting attractions and all that downtown has to offer. 

So here we come to the real question: What is the best time of year to visit Asheville? As you might expect from people who love Asheville, all of us at About Asheville can find something incredible to love about every time of year in Asheville.

Fellow writer Laura mentioned that winter brings her inward, helps her enjoy the stillness, and she loves the flowers’ return in spring. She sees fall as marking a new year, letting go of old things the way the leaves of the trees are let go. She, like most of us, has many favorite seasons.

About Asheville’s founder Val loves the fall the best, specifically that she gets to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway every day and see the beautiful scenery, feeling lucky to live here. I personally feel the same about coming over particular ridges when driving on I-240 any time of year – seeing a whole horizon of mountains fills me with a feeling of well-being.

I will hold off till I make the case for each time of year before I reveal my personal favorite. Here are some of About Asheville’s resources on how to make any time of year that you visit Asheville the best it can be!

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