The 13 Best Ways To Celebrate New Year’s In Asheville

New Year’s as a holiday is a little polarizing – while I know lots of people who love other holidays more, I personally count New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as my favorite holidays. There’s something so refreshing about getting an opportunity for a new start in the middle of our everyday lives. The key to celebrating New Year’s in Asheville is to figure out what matters to you about this holiday and focus on that! 

The reactions to New Year’s are varied, from staying at home, cozy with family, and waking up early to go run the downtown Resolution Run, over to the glitzy parties, fun concerts, and excitement of staying up late and counting down to the new year complete with a kiss. 

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Asheville, and you can find all of these options. Here are some ways to make this holiday special for you while celebrating in a way that is unique to Asheville.

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