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Planning a stay at the Caribe Hilton with a family? Accommodate kids with a separate area in a 1 bedroom Caribe Hilton Suite. Check out what’s included at this resort… From the number of bathrooms, to amenities, and photos of the garden view of this lovely San Juan Hilton property in Puerto Rico….

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Tour a Caribe Hilton Suites Room Photos and Video

Check out this video of a 1 Bedroom Caribe Hilton Suite Room with Garden View…

The artwork inside is beautiful, representative of Old San Juan and the surrounding areas.

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Caribe Hilton Junior Suite Room Tour

It’s also called the “Garden Wing 1 King One Bedroom Suite” – and my suite location on the 3rd floor was a perfect example of this…

These are the standard Caribe Hilton Suites pictured in this post inside the property on San Geronimo Street. 

We were on a lower level, so we didn’t have views of the ocean, but the luscious green space outside this Caribe suite room was beautiful.

Overall review of this junior suite

  • Great for my small family of 2 adults, 1 kid.
  • Loved the Garden Wing location.
  • 850 square feet is a generous amount of space.
  • The one king-sized bed in the master suite was comfortable.
  • The sofa bed was comfortable for my kiddo.
  • We loved the large dining area for eating take-out from Morton’s Steakhouse in the room.
  • The kitchenette with mini refrigerator in the main entrance to this guest room suite was large and helpful for packing with snacks.
  • There is one full bath and one half bath, which worked fine for our family. It was okay, but if my kiddo was older I would have liked a bath / shower in a different location so it would be more private and not in the master suite.
  • Two TVs – one in the master bedroom, one in the living room.

Living room

This is the pull out couch in our Caribe Hilton suite room.

Here’s what the room looks like set up as a living room…

Dining area

Here’s a look at the dining room…

Master room

Master Room Suite at Caribe Hilton

I found the bedroom to be spacious…

Caribe Hilton Suite Bedroom

Here’s the desk area…

Caribe Hilton Suite Room Desk with TV Amenities

Master room bathroom

Bathroom sink and toiled inside Caribe Hilton Suites in Puerto Rico

The one shower and bath in this Caribe Hilton suite room is located in the master room…

Shower and bath inside Caribe Hilton Suites

Half bathroom

Half Bathroom in Caribe Hilton Suites Room

This is the half bathroom, which is central to the living room and pull-out couch…

Toilet in Half Bathroom inside Caribe Suite Room

Caribe Hilton balconies with garden view

Caribe Hilton balcony room suite with garden view with Jenna Passaro guest

We had 2 balconies, one off the master bedroom and one off the living room.

More suites at Caribe Hilton San Juan

One King Junior Suite with Balcony

This is smaller than the suite described above, at only about 400-500 sq. ft. 

The main difference is that there is no separate walled-off living room space. 

So if you have some people in your group who go to bed before others, this might not be ideal.

Garden View Balcony from Caribe Hilton Junior Suite Room
This is the view of the garden from our Caribe suite.

Caribe Hilton Presidential Suite

Go big, or stay home?

This is the Caribe Hilton San Juan’s largest and most luxurious 2 bedroom suite.

It’s located in the upper-floor location in the Wave Wing.

Tour Suites In Caribe Hilton San Juan Puerto Rico with text overlay and Sip Bite Go logo

Caribe Hilton San Juan Honeymoon Suite

I don’t have Caribe Hilton Honeymoon Suite pictures, but perhaps will in the future!

Caribe Hilton San Juan Presidential Suite

Caribe Hilton Hotel Pool View

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Guest Inside Room at Caribe Hilton Suites in San Juan Puerto Rico

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– Jenna

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