Origin Coffee’s best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers

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Christmas coffee blend, £11.90

Origin Coffee Christmas coffee blend

A great stocking filler, this unique festive blend has notes of clementine, marzipan, chocolate and hazelnut. It combines Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, and is available to buy either as whole beans (either 250g or 1kg) or ground for espresso, AeroPress or filter.

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We love the attractive gold design on the front of the bag, and the fact that every part of the packaging is fully compostable is a huge win, too.

Buy the Christmas coffee blend

The Coffee Taster’s Experience, £25.75

Origin Coffee Coffee-Tasters_-Experience

This premium bundle of chocolate, coffee and porter will be a hit for lovers of all things coffee, and uses world-class beans from coffee producer Carlos Pola in El Salvador. The Christmas chocolate inside comes from East London chocolatiers Land, while the porter comes as part of Origin Coffee’s second collaboration with Verdant Brewing Co.

Buy the Coffee Taster’s Experience

Origin Coffee gift subscription, from £29.50

Origin Coffee gift subscription

For the coffee drinker who loves to experiment with a range of flavour profiles, you can’t go wrong with a gift subscription of freshly roasted speciality coffee.

Each batch includes Origin Coffee’s single-origin coffees of the month, with varying countries of origin, processing methods and flavour profiles featured. Pick from three months, six months or 12 months, and have them delivered either fortnightly or monthly.

Buy an Origin Coffee gift subscription

Espresso trio, £24.95

Origin Espresso Trio

Ideal for espresso drinkers looking to explore, or those who are unsure about which flavour profiles they like, this gift set allows you to try three different coffee varieties. The trio comprises three 150g bags of whole beans, each with a unique blend, from rich, chocolatey notes to lighter, more citrussy flavours.

Buy the Espresso trio

AeroPress bundle, £35.25

Origin Coffee AeroPress bundle

AeroPress coffee uses high-pressure extraction to create a smoother, more full-bodied flavour than regular drip coffee – and you can use either filter or espresso beans.

Ideal for taking on the go, this bundle features a lightweight AeroPress coffee maker, 250g of Santa Elena beans and 100 AeroPress filters – all you need is some hot water to wet the grounds and start the extraction process.

You can also find a video on the Origin Coffee website with tips on how to make the most of your AeroPress.

Buy the AeroPress bundle

Reusable bundle, £43.95

Origin Coffee reusable bundle

A great pick for anyone trying to lower their carbon footprint, this reusable bundle is entirely plastic-free and contains a robust black Huskee cup that’s ideal for taking on your travels, plus a clever Airscape (an airtight coffee container, choose from 250g or 500g) for keeping your beans or grounds fresh.

Also included is a handy tote bag for storing everything in and one bag of Beija Flor coffee, with different size options and a choice of whole beans or ground.

Buy the Origin Coffee reusable bundle

Espresso martini ‘Night and Day’ bundle, £28.75

Origin Coffee espresso martini 'night and day' bundle

Origin Coffee has teamed up with cocktail experts Black Lines to create this bottled espresso martini, which is made with Origin Coffee’s San Fermin cold brew and Chase vodka. It has notes of chocolate and caramel, with a creamy texture and smooth, bitter finish.

Inside the bundle, you’ll also receive a 250g pack of Mainstay single-origin coffee, which is available as ground or whole beans.

Buy the Espresso Martini ‘Night and Day’ bundle

Sage Bambino Plus, £399.95

Origin Coffee Sage Bambino Plus

This reliable and stylish coffee machine from Sage is a solid choice for those keen on brewing their own espresso from home. It also comes with a steaming wand for frothing milk, so you can make creamy cappuccinos and lattes at the push of a button.

In testing, we were fans of its tough plastic water tank and pleasingly textured control buttons, and liked that it heats up quickly. With this model, Origin Coffee also offers a complimentary three-month coffee subscription.

Buy the Sage Bambino Plus

El Obraje, £27.95

Origin Coffee El Obraje

Another great find for Christmas stockings, El Obraje hails from the Nariño region in Colombia, and has sweet, juicy notes that are somehow both bold and delicate.

It’s also laced with acidity and floral flavours, with hints of elderflower cordial – perfect for making a bright, citrussy filter coffee.

Buy El Obraje

Opal pod machine bundle, £125

Origin Coffee Opal machine bundle

Combining the convenience of a pod machine with premium speciality coffee, the Opal pod machine is a sleek, slimline gadget that doesn’t take up too much space on the counter.

In testing, we found it quick to heat, easy to clean and intuitive, with user-friendly features like a wide handle around the water tank lid. It also produced quality espresso with thick, silky crema.

Buy the Opal pod machine bundle

Discover more Christmas gifts at origincoffee.co.uk.

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