Latkes, Brisket & More: 21 Essential Hanukkah Recipes

Everyone loves bagels, lox, and cream cheese, but let’s face it, Jewish cuisine rarely finds itself in the gourmet spotlight—just listen to comedian Sebastian Maniscalco’s hilarious bit about Passover dinner with his Jewish wife’s family (the gist: “after brunch, they got nothin”). However, we’ve truly mastered the art of comfort food that warms the soul and fills the heart. And when it comes to the Jewish holidays, we bring out the big guns. Matzo ball soup? It’s like a hug in a bowl. Challah? That pillowy soft, slightly sweet bread is a crowd-pleaser. And who can resist the babka made famous by its appearance on Seinfeld, with a swirl of chocolatey Nutella perfection? Not to mention latkes, those crispy potato pancakes that could give any French fry a run for its money. And, last but not least, Nach Waxman’s most-Googled brisket recipe—a timeless classic that’s the centerpiece of many a holiday table. So, while we may not be known for fine dining, we’ll gladly invite you over for a taste of tradition and a whole lot of love. Happy Hannukah!

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