La Taberna Lúpulo San Juan Restaurant (Review)

Looking for some locally brewed craft beer and delicious bar food in San Juan? Check out these videos and photos of La Taberna Lúpulo menu favorites. This is one of the best casual restaurants in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico…

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What is La Taberna Lúpulo

This is one of my favorite restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico…

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Favorites on the La Taberna Lúpulo menu

La Taberna Lupulo is a popular restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico for many reasons…

The food

The menu has delicious “bar food” and serves up dishes from seafood to steak and delicious Cuban sandwiches…

The craft beer

The restaurant offers an extensive selection of craft beers – I really loved the fruity ones in the heat!

And they have plenty of cocktails to try, and delicious desserts. 

The atmosphere

There are so many Instagram-worthy spots to check out, from the writing on the wall…

To the chill outdoor terrace…

And open windows with a view of the colorful and historic streets of Old San Juan.

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Why I love this San Juan foodie spot

They had me at Cuban Sandwich!

La Taberna Lupulo has become one of my most-recommended casual bars in San Juan! 

The ambiance is great, relaxed, and I first stopped here on a tour with partners at The Spoon Experience food tour – which I can’t recommend enough when you’re visiting Puerto Rico

I loved it so much, I went back for another fruity beer and Cuban sandwich before leaving the island! 

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Are you a foodie, too?

Hey there, hope that gives you an idea of dining at La Taberna Lupulo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

I hope you go and enjoy your time!

Enjoy cooking and chat soon on Instagram / TikTok / YouTube.

– Jenna

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