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Panettone is a versatile treat. It’s delicious for breakfast, pairs perfectly with a cup of tea for a snack, and can even make a delightful dessert. Panettone has become a popular Christmas staple worldwide, and it’s also traditionally served on New Year’s and Twelfth Night.

How to serve panettone

Panettone muffins on plates, one that has been bitten into

Panettone can be served just as it is, but many people find it a bit dry. It’s common to serve it with a sweet wine and an accompaniment of something rich and creamy, perhaps based on mascarpone (with egg yolks, as used in tiramisu), plus dried or candied fruits. Ice cream, jelly, custard, hot or cold sauces and some fruits make panettone a delicious pudding. Or, cut into cubes and treat with liqueur or cognac – panettone makes a delicious layer in trifle-style puddings. Best of all is, you’ll have enough leftovers to make a panettone bread & butter pudding (see below).

Plain panettone is enhanced by light toasting, best under a grill because it colours quickly. It’s best to slice it as needed as it will quickly dry out.

What to serve panettone with

Panettone with custard

Bread and butter pudding made with panettone in an oval baking dish

This method showcases the panettone in all its glory, so it’s at its best when the panettone is fresh. We advise warming your panettone by sticking it in the oven and drizzling (or drowning) your pudding in our homemade custard.

If you don’t manage to finish your panettone while it’s still fresh, turn it into bread & butter pudding. Try our panettone pudding or caramel panettone pud for baked options soaked in delicious custard.

Panettone with ice cream

Christmas panettone bombe filled with cherry ice cream and topped with a chocolate sauce

Another great way to enjoy panettone is to warm it in the oven and then serve with a scoop of our ultimate vanilla ice cream. The contrast of hot and cold is wonderful.

If you want to wow your family and friends, make our panettone cherry ice cream bombe with chocolate sauce. Line a baking tin with strips of your panettone before filling it with an ice cream centre and putting it back in the freezer for 6 hours.

What to serve chocolate panettone with


Chocolate panettone is a great treat for after Christmas dinner, but it also makes a great snack or brunch. Enjoy it alongside one of our warming hot chocolates, like our gingerbread hot chocolate, hazelnut cream hot chocolate or peppermint hot chocolate. If you’d rather sit down with a cup of something a bit stronger while you enjoy your pud, try our chocolate eggnog or hot buttered rum.

If you want to try an extra special recipe to start your Christmas festivities off right, why not replace the brioche in our sweetheart choc & hazelnut sandwiches with slices of panettone? You’ll get a warm and oozing chocolate sandwich that you can top with a dusting of icing sugar.

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