How To Keep Pizza Warm For A Party?

How To Keep Pizza Warm For A Party Cover

Are you having a party at your home, and pizza is on your menu? Well, then, you must be wondering how to keep your pizza warm till the guests arrive and its time to eat.

Because warm pizza is something everyone likes, even if it’s not piping hot. You don’t want to serve your guests’ cold pizza that feels like leftover pizza and spoils your party. 

So, before throwing your pizza party, read this guide because it will help you keep your pizza warm and fresh until you are ready to serve it. We have a few tricks up our sleeves that can keep your pizza warm for up to 3 hours. 

So, let’s get started.

How to keep pizza warm for a party?

If you have ordered pizza and it arrives before your guests, then you are in a fix, as the pizza can get cold before it’s time to eat.

On the other hand, if you are making pizza yourself, the best way to keep it warm and fresh is by delaying the baking by a few minutes.

top view image of four pizzas

Prepare all your pizzas and store them somewhere, and as soon as your first guest arrives, put the pizza in the oven to bake. 

But that is not what we want to discuss; we are here to talk about how you can keep your pizza warm for the party. Let’s talk about a few things that can help you.

#1- Insulated Bags

No one said you must be a delivery person to have an insulated bag at home. If you like to hold parties and plan outdoor activities like picnics, then an insulated bag will prove super valuable for you.

Put your hot pizza in the bag and leave it for over 3 hours. When you open the bag and get your food, it will be hot, like freshly baked. 

The best way to keep your pizza warm in insulated bags is by placing the whole pizza box in the bag and piling it up with the other box (as many as you have) to keep it warm and hot. 

There are different sizes of insulated bags that you can choose according to your pizza size requirement. They can work perfectly for both homemade pizza and store-bought pizza.

#2- Unleash the magic of top view image of four pizzas!

Aluminum foil is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It keeps the food warm. To use the foil, just take a slice of pizza and wrap it in the aluminum foil. Seal all the edges tightly so that all the moisture stays in the foil.

However, if you think that it will take a lot of foil to wrap all your pizza slices, then what you can do is you can take one piece of foil (big) and then wrap your whole pizza in one foil. This makes your pizza fresh and warm for longer durations. 

roll of aluminum foil

Once you wrap your pizza in the foil, put it in the pizza box and then store it until you need to serve it. Then at the time of serving pizza, preheat your oven to 120C and put your pizza in the oven. So that it becomes piping hot and delicious.

Remember to pack the pizza with foil tightly and then open it up immediately after heating it to make it taste fresh and yummy.

#3- Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is the perfect way to heat your pizza and keep it crispy for the party. The stone is ideal when you want to maintain the warm temperature of the pizza while not making it feel stale or reheated.

But how to use the stone? Simply put the stone in the oven in a preheated oven for 40 minutes and then turn off the flame. With the heat off, place the pizza on the stone and let the stone do its magic.

You can leave the pizza on the stone for as long as you need because there are tiny holes in it that circulate the heat and moisture to keep the pizza fresh and crispy.

#4- Cardboard approach

Using cardboard boxes is one of the easiest and the most inexpensive ways to keep your pizza warm. It won’t be as warm as with other methods, but it will still be warm enough for you to enjoy it. You can also preheat your oven and put your pizza box in it to keep it fresh and warm. 

pizza in a cardboard box

Another thing you can do to achieve maximum freshness and deliciousness with a cardboard box is that you open the corner of the box slightly so that all the heat and fumes escape from there. This way, you won’t have to eat wet and soggy pizza. And you can enjoy the fresh one.

#5- With a frying pan

A frying pan is one of the quickest ways to warm your pizza.  All you have to do is put your pan on high heat for 6 minutes and then turn the heat to medium/low.

Now place your pizza on the pan, splash some water on it, and cover it to keep it warm and fresh. And if you want to fry your pizza, you can add oil, fry from one side, and flip it.

However, an issue with this method is that it can become messy if the toppings aren’t stuck to the pizza and you try to move it or flip it; the pizza can dissemble, and the oil can splatter everywhere. So, use this method with care. 

#6- In the Oven

Many people who have ovens rely on their ovens to keep their food warm, especially pizza. You can either put your pizza in the box and then place the whole box in the oven, or you can also take your pizza out of the box and then put it in the oven.

snap of a pizza inside an oven

Either way, a preheated oven can keep your pizza warm until your guests arrive and you are ready to serve them.

If you want to keep the pizza in a box, then don’t worry because the box won’t catch fire unless the fire is too high. So keep the flame low, as it is enough to keep your pizzas warm.

#7- Using chafing dishes

The buffet-inspired dishes are another option that you can use to keep your pizza warm. However, this option is ideal for outdoor parties. You can heat food on the chafing dish as it uses chaffing fuel to heat the pan on which your pizza is heating.

These dishes are a fantastic option for keeping your sliced pizza warm because of how the chaffing dishes are designed. Just cut a slice and place it on the dish to warm up.

#8- In the Microwave

Well, haven’t we all reheated our pizza in the microwave and then ended up with something dry and chewy? I have definitely been through that, and having to eat a dry pizza just makes it so hard to love it.

However, since the microwave just takes seconds to heat your pizza, we can’t rule it out; all you should know is how to heat it or keep it warm in pizza. 

personal size pizza in Microwave

If your pizza is fresh and you want to keep it warm or slightly heat it, then spray a bit of water on it and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

However, if you want to heat it, then thoroughly wet it and then put it in a container with the lid closed. Microwave it for 15-20 seconds so it becomes steaming hot with the same freshness you love.

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How do you keep pizza warm at a wedding?

If you have an outdoor wedding with pizza on the menu, then keeping it warm is important because your guests won’t like cold pizza.

So, to make your event more fun and have all your guests praise the deliciousness of warm pizza, you can try any of the methods we discussed above. 

The good idea is to use insulated bags because they keep pizza warm for longer (more than 3 hours), or you can also use foil to wrap it in and then place it in the oven to keep it warm for the wedding lunch. 

But you can use any idea that suits you and your wedding venue.

How long does pizza stay hot in the box?

Pizza can stay warm (not hot) in the box for about 3 hours. After that, it will become cold, and you won’t enjoy eating it.

image of a fresh pizza in a cardboard box

It stays hot in the box for 3 hours if you keep the box tightly shut. And it will be a plus point if you keep the box in the oven as the heat won’t escape.  However, pizza can stay ‘HOT’ for only a few minutes in the pizza box.

Can I leave the pizza in a box in a warm oven?

Leaving a pizza box in the oven is an excellent way of keeping your pizza warm until it is time to serve. However, you should consider that the flame inside the oven shouldn’t be too high or the oven shouldn’t be warmer than 400C, or the box will burn.

Keep the flame low, and the pizza, along with the box, will stay fresh and warm. It will remain warm even after you bring it to the table because the box will be warm.

Final Verdict:

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a party at home or taking everyone out on a picnic with pizza on the menu. If you know how to keep pizza warm, your party will succeed.

Using the ideas or tricks discussed above, you can safely and securely ensure that your pizza is never cold or dry before people attack it.

A warm pizza will make your party even more memorable because everyone wants that warm pizza slice.

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