How Many Slices in a 9-Inch Pizza?

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Once the craving for pizza hits, there is not much you can do to subdue it, other than ordering yourself a delicious pizza with your favorite toppings!

One of the biggest issues faced when ordering a pizza (other than deciding what toppings to choose), is knowing how big of a pizza to order. This can be made even trickier when you are ordering for a few people, or looking to cater for a gathering.

Not sure how many slices in a 9-inch pizza there are?

A 9-inch pizza is a personal-pan size, and it is usually cut up into 8 slices. These are not necessarily large slices, so you can slice a 9-inch pizza into 6 slices instead, to enjoy larger slices, which is typically better for thick crusts.

Read on to find out more about the number of slices in a 9-inch pizza, as well as how many people it might serve.

How Many Slices Do You Get With a 9-Inch Pizza?

How many slices you get from a 9-inch pizza will depend on where you buy it from. Some pizza restaurants will slice a 9-inch pizza into 8 slices, and others will slice the same size pizza into 6 slices.

It really does depend on the person making the pizza! However, 9-inch pizzas which have thicker crusts and more toppings are best cut into 6 slices, so that the large pizza slices can hold onto the toppings better, without them falling off.

If it is a thinner base with only a few toppings, then the pizza can be sliced into 8 parts, so it can feed more people.

How Many People Can a 9-Inch Pizza Serve?

If you are having people over, or ordering pizza for dinner, you would want to know how many people a 9-inch pizza can serve.

It is worth noting that a 9-inch pizza is considered a small, personal pizza, so it is ideally meant to be eaten by one person.

As it is usually cut into 6 slices, it would be difficult to share with another person, especially if you both want more than 3 slices each. 

You could slice the pizza in 8 pieces, so that you have 4 slices of pizza between 2 people, but it will still be the same amount of pizza, and you will both likely still be left hungry.

What to Consider When Ordering a 9-Inch Pizza

There are a few things you need to think of when ordering a 9-inch pizza so that you ensure it is enough for you, or for the people you are catering for.

medium pizzas

These are the factors to consider:

  • How many people does the pizza need to cater for?
  • Are only adults eating, or are there children as well? If you are catering for younger children, then they will not need as much pizza as an adult would.
  • Are you serving other food along with the pizza, or is pizza the only food being served?
  • Do you want there to be leftover pizza?

All of these questions will help you determine how much pizza you need to order, and whether a single 9-inch pizza will be large enough.

How Many Slices in Different Sizes of Pizza?

Knowing how many slices of pizza to expect from various sizes of pizza can help you determine how many pizzas you need to order, or what size pizza you need to order.

cutting pizza

Here are the different pizza sizes, and how many slices you can expect from each:

Small Pizzas

Small pizzas, or personal pizzas, are usually between 8 to 10 inches. These are most commonly cut into 6 slices, but they can also be served cut into 8 slices too.

Medium Pizzas

Medium pizzas, or regular pizzas, are the common size found at most restaurants and takeaways. These pizzas measure around 12 inches and are commonly cut into 8 slices. These are decent, larger size slices.

Large Pizzas

Large pizzas are great for sharing and for families, and usually measure around 14 inches in diameter. When ordering a large pizza, you can expect 10 slices.

Extra-Large Pizzas

If you are lucky enough to have a restaurant near you that serves an extra-large pizza, you should definitely try it out. Extra-large pizzas can range between 16 and 18 inches in diameter. 

The minimum amount of slices you will get from an extra-large pizza is 12 slices, but it can be even more than this depending on how large the pizza is, and how many slices you need to feed guests or family.

How Many Slices Are in a 9-Inch Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is a favorite pizza joint for many people. It is a smaller-sized pizza, and when ordering a 9-inch pizza from Domino’s, you can expect to get 8 slices.

9-inch Domino's pizza

These will not be the largest size pizza slices, but they are a decent size to hold toppings and to allow you to enjoy the various toppings you have chosen.

This is a decent size pizza for around two people, but it can also be a good size to order for one person if you want a slice or two left over afterward.

A 12-inch pizza from Domino’s will have around 12 slices, and a 16-inch pizza will have 12 slices as well.

How Should I Slice My 9-Inch Pizza?

If you have made a 9-inch pizza at home, you might not know how many slices to slice it into. There really is no right or wrong answer to this, and it is down to personal preference.

Our recommendation, however, is that it is better to slice a 9-inch pizza into 6 slices if it has a thick crust and thick toppings, as the large slices will hold onto these better.

If it is a thin-crust pizza with thinner toppings, then slicing it into 8 pieces will be absolutely fine, they will just be smaller pieces.

How Many Slices in a 9-Inch Pizza?

A 9-inch pizza can be sliced either into 6 or 8 slices, and this depends on where you are buying the pizza from, or how many people you are wanting to serve the pizza to.

Usually, a 9-inch pizza will be just enough food for two people who aren’t very hungry, but it is better for a single person, who might want one or two slices leftover.

So, you can expect either 6 or 8 slices when ordering a 9-inch pizza.

Related Questions

Is an 8-inch Pizza Enough for One Person?

An 8-inch pizza is a good size to feed one person, and you can expect 6 slices from an 8-inch pizza.

What Size Pizza Do I Need for Two People?

If you are ordering pizza for two people for dinner, then it would be best to order a 12-inch pizza.

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