How Many Slices In A 16 Inch Pizza? Completed Answer

Are you trying to feed a crowd and need to know exactly how many slices in a 16 inch pizza? Knowing the exact number of slices can help you determine what types of toppings to order and budget for the right amount of food. We’ll break down each size of pizza, calculating just how many slices you should expect per individual-sized pie—so that when it comes time to slice, everyone gets their fair share.

How big is 16 inch?

A 16-inch pizza is the equivalent of a to large sized circular shaped pie. It’s around 8 slices, depending on how thick or thin you like your crust and how big you cut your slices. This size pizza can feed approximately 3-4 people with each person getting 2-3 slices. Although it might not seem like enough to feed a large group, consider adding side dishes or salads to fill everyone up.

Pizza Meal on Stainless Steel Tray
Pizza Meal on Stainless Steel Tray

How many slices in a 16 inch pizza?

If you order a 16-inch pizza, most chains will slice it into eight to 12 slices in the classic triangle shape. However, if they use the square pattern for cutting, you may see further variation in the number of slices. Should you have any specific requirements, such as serving small children, many places will gladly accommodate requests for half slices or square-cut slices, as these smaller pieces are more manageable for children to eat.

How to cut 16 inch pizza into slices?
How many slices in a 16 inch pizza?

How to cut 16 inch pizza into slices?

To cut a 16-inch pizza into slices, it is recommended to use a large, sharp knife. For larger slices as an entree or meal, begin with one straight cut down the center of the pizza, followed by three more perpendicular cuts. This method ensures that the slices are uniform in size and can be easily distributed to your guests.

If you prefer smaller slices as snacks or appetizers, make four vertical cuts followed by two horizontal cuts to divide the pizza into 12 pieces. Alternatively, some people opt for cutting it into six equal triangular slices for variety and presentation purposes.

Whether you use a knife or a pizza cutter, remember to prioritize safety by taking your time and avoiding carelessness. While a rocking pizza cutter can be used, it is more suitable for thin crusts and may not work as effectively for thicker ones. Regardless of your chosen tool, the ultimate goal is to ensure that each slice has an even shape and size.

How many people does a 16 inch pizza serve?

A 16-inch pizza can typically serve between five and six people. It is classified as an extra-large pizza. However, this can vary depending on the size of the slices.

How many 16 inch pizzas should I order?

It is recommended to order four 16-inch pizzas when serving a crowd of 20 people. A single 16-inch pizza typically serves five adults, with each person having one to three pieces depending on the size of each slice.

Toppings for slices of 16 inch pizza that please everyone

Now that you know how many slices in a 16 inch pizza, it’s time to decide on the toppings. Everyone has different preferences so consider choosing multiple topping options for everyone to choose from. This can include meat-lovers, veggie-lovers, plain cheese and more. Having variety will keep everyone happy—and of course, make sure to keep track of who gets what so that everyone gets the pizza they want.

Regal Pan Pizza on Box
Regal Pan Pizza on Box

Tips to choose pizza sizes to order

When ordering pizza, it’s important to consider how many people you are feeding and the size of each slice. A good rule of thumb is to order two slices per person for a regular portion. If you are serving a larger group or want smaller portions, consider cutting each slice into thirds before serving.

It also helps to take into account any dietary restrictions or allergies when ordering. For example, if someone in your party has a gluten intolerance, make sure to order a gluten-free crust option. Additionally, you may want to consider whether everyone likes the same toppings before ordering several pizzas of the same flavor.

Regardless of which size you choose, it’s always important to double-check the number of slices before paying. Knowing exactly how many slices in a 16 inch pizza will help you plan an accurate budget and pick out the perfect size for your occasion.

Tips to choose pizza sizes to order
Tips to choose pizza sizes to order

FAQ: 16 Inch Pizza

Is a 16 inch pizza 8 slices?

Yes, a 16-inch pizza typically consists of 8 slices.

Is a 16 inch pizza a family size?

A 16-inch pizza is typically considered an ideal size for a family or a group of five adults. Depending on the portion size, each person can expect to have one to three slices. If you are catering to a crowd of 20 people, it would be recommended to order four x-large pizzas of this size.

Can a 16-inch pizza feed 2 people?

A 16-inch pizza is typically recommended to serve between five and six people, as it is generally classified as an x-large pizza. However, it’s worth noting that this can vary depending on the size of the slices.

Is a 16 inch pizza more than 2 mediums?

The area of a medium pizza is approximately 113 square inches, while a large pizza is about 153 (or 201) square inches. Therefore, 2 medium 12-inch pizzas would provide 11% more pizza than a single 16-inch pizza. Thus, based on the calculations, 2 mediums would be larger in terms of total area compared to the single 16-inch pizza.

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