How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed? Creative Ways

Are you wondering how many people does a large pizza feed? Whether you’re organizing an event with hundreds of guests or having a small family gathering, finding the right food options can be tricky. Fortunately, ordering a large pizza for your gathering is both cost-effective and versatile. In this blog post, we discuss all things related to a large pizza – from the amount of slices it yields to toppings ideas and more. Whatever size crowd you’re serving, let’s find out together just how much deliciousness one large pie will provide.

Understanding The Size Of A Large Pizza

Before knowing how many people does a large pizza feed, you should understand the size of a large pizza. The size of a large pizza is approximately 14 inches in diameter and typically serves 10 slices. It is widely favored for game nights or casual evenings at home. It’s important to note that extra-large pizzas have a diameter ranging from 16 to 20 inches and yield 12 slices. However, it is advisable to check with the restaurant beforehand, as sizes and slice counts may vary.

How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed?

Now that answering the question “how many people does a large pizza feed?”. A large pizza typically serves approximately two adults or four children, assuming an average adult consumes around three slices. For an extra-large pizza, it can feed around three adults and five children. It is advisable to opt for commonly preferred toppings when ordering larger sizes.

How To Order A Large Pizza For Your Next Party?

After knowing how many people does a large pizza feed, here are steps to ensure you order the right amount of pizza for your upcoming party:

  1. Calculate the number of guests attending your party.
  2. Estimate that each guest will consume three pizza slices.
  3. Take into account that an average large pizza consists of eight slices.
  4. Round up these numbers to whole numbers for easier ordering.

Based on the number of people you’re expecting, use the following guidelines to determine the number of pizzas to order:

  • For five people: Order two pizzas, assuming each person eats 15 slices.
  • For 10 people: Order four pizzas, as guests will likely eat a total of 30 slices.
  • For 15 people: Order six pizzas if each guest eats three slices for a total of 45 slices.
  • For 20 people: Order eight pizzas, assuming all 20 guests eat 60 slices in total.
  • For 25 people: Order 10 pizzas if all guests eat a total of 75 slices.

Remember, the number of pizzas you order may vary depending on the size of the pie you choose.

How To Order A Large Pizza For Your Next Party?

How Does Pizza Type Affect The Quantity You Need?

One often overlooked factor is the type of pizza you choose to order. The various styles of pizza can have a significant impact on how much your guests consume. Pizzas that are loaded with toppings or have thicker crusts tend to satisfy your guests with just a couple of slices.

If you opt for less filling pizza types like thin crust, it’s advisable to order more pizzas to accommodate the higher consumption. On the other hand, if you go for denser pizza types like deep-dish, you may need to order slightly less than you normally would, as they tend to be more filling.

Tips For Choosing The Right Size Pizza For Your Gathering

When deciding on the size of pizza to order for your gathering, consider the number of mouths you need to feed. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

Cost Per Slice

  • On average, a medium-sized pizza costs around $10, providing six slices.
  • The average large pizza costs only slightly more, offering eight slices. These prices don’t account for additional toppings.

Feeding Five People

  • To feed around five people, consider ordering three medium pizzas.
  • If you’re feeding three to four people, save money by ordering two large pizzas.

Feeding Fifteen People

  • If you have a group of 15 people to feed, aim for approximately 45 slices.
  • In this case, you can choose between ordering eight medium-sized pizzas or six large pizzas. Opting for the latter will save you money.

Consider Toppings

  • Take into account the variety of toppings you want to offer.
  • If you desire more topping options, medium pizzas may be the better choice.
  • However, if everyone agrees on the same toppings, a large pizza could be a suitable option.

Ultimately, the best choice for your gathering depends on the number of people, desired toppings, and budget considerations.

Tips For Choosing The Right Size Pizza For Your Gathering

Delicious Topping Combination Ideas For Large Pizzas

  • Broccolini or broccoli (blanched first) with pancetta/speck/bacon.
  • Potato, sausage, and pancetta/speck/bacon.
  • Gorgonzola and mushroom.
  • Black olives, anchovies, and capers.
  • Gorgonzola and radicchio.
  • Capers, anchovies, eggplant, and capsicum.
  • Mixed sliced mushrooms and garlic.
  • Rocket, sliced fresh tomato, and sliced pancetta.
  • Prawn, zucchini, basil, and onion.
  • Ricotta, cherry tomato, and baby spinach.

How Long Will Your Pizza Last?

According to the USDA’s food safety guidelines, leftover pizza can be refrigerated for a maximum of four days if the two-hour rule was followed. To ensure proper refrigeration of your leftover pizza, tightly wrap it in foil or plastic wrap or store it in an airtight container.

How Do You Keep Your Pizzas Fresh When Hosting?

To ensure the freshness of your pizzas when hosting, utilize the best method of using aluminum foil. As your pizza remains hot, wrap each slice individually in aluminum foil. In the event that the pizza cools down before your guests’ arrival, you can heat the aluminum-wrapped slices in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Do You Keep Your Pizzas Fresh When Hosting?

Conclusion: How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed?

In conclusion, a large pizza typically serves two adults or four children and is perfect for casual evenings or game nights. When planning for your next party, remember to consider the type of pizza and number of people attending to determine how many pizzas to order. Keep in mind that leftovers can be refrigerated for up to four days and reheated using aluminum foil. With these tips in mind, you can confidently order pizza for your next gathering and ensure everyone is well-fed.

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