How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza? That’s a question many calorie-conscious consumers ponder as they decide which mozzarella pizza products to order for dinner.

Papa John’s prides itself on using fresh, high-quality mozzarella cheese for its pizzas, but with that often comes a higher calorie count. Ultimately, the number of calories in a slice depends on the specific type of Papa John’s pizza you are eating, from the dough and sauce to the cheese and toppings. Our products are made with pounds of delicious mozzarella cheese.

An average medium pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s, topped with mozzarella and provolone cheeses, comes in at around 290 to 310 calories per slice. Let’s take an in-depth look at the calories and nutrition facts for various Papa John’s pizza varieties, from thin crust to specialty pizzas, so you can decide which option, with its different cheeses, best fits your diet and nutritional needs while still satisfying your pizza craving.

Why Is Papa John’s Pizza High in Calories?

Here are the main reasons why Papa John’s frozen pizzas, with their delicious mozzarella and provolone cheeses, are generally high in calories.

The dough is made with refined flour: Domino’s and Papa John’s use regular flour for their dough which has a higher calorie count than whole wheat flour. This makes the crust itself higher in calories.

Generous amounts of cheese: Papa John’s pizzas are known for being extra cheesy which means more fat and calories from the cheese. The default cheese for most Papa John’s pizzas is a whole milk mozzarella which is higher in calories than part-skim mozzarella.

The sauce has added ingredients: While the pizza sauce itself is not extremely high in calories, Papa John’s adds ingredients like oil, butter, and sugar to the sauce to enhance the flavor. These added ingredients contribute additional fat and calories.

Toppings like meat and certain vegetables: Toppings like pepperoni, sausage, and bell peppers add considerable calories to a pizza depending on how much is used. Just a few slices of pepperoni can easily add 50 to 100 calories per slice.

Large portion sizes: In general, Papa John’s pizza slices tend to be on the larger side, sometimes weighing in at 6 to 8 ounces per slice. The larger the portion, the more dough, cheese and toppings – and calories.

Dips and sides: Breading on dishes like breadsticks and wings, along with dips like garlic butter and marinara sauce, pack on the calories and fat.

So in summary, a combination of the mozzarella, product, cooking methods, portion sizes and additional sides all contribute to Papa John’s higher calorie count compared to some other pizza chains. But by knowing which ingredients have the most impact, you can customize your order for a lower-calorie Papa John’s experience with cheeses.

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John's Pizza
How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza?

When enjoying a slice of pizza from Papa John’s, choosing the right crust can make a difference in the calories you consume. Here’s a closer look at the typical calorie counts for each mozzarella cheese crust option.

Crust Type Calorie Comparison:

Crust Type Average Calories per Slice
Original 200-250 calories
Thin Crust 150-200 calories
Pan Crust 250-300 calories
Gluten-Free 150-200 calories
Stuffed Crust 300-350 calories

Pros and Cons of Different Crust Types:

  • Original Crust: The original crust is a classic choice with a slightly higher calorie content. It offers a satisfying chewiness and can hold up to a variety of toppings.

  • Thin Crust: If you’re looking for a lighter option, the thin crust is a great choice. It has fewer calories and a crispier texture, perfect for those who prefer a thinner base.

  • Pan Crust: The pan crust is a thicker and fluffier option, which results in a higher calorie count. It provides a hearty and indulgent eating experience, especially when paired with rich toppings.

  • Gluten-Free Crust: For those with dietary restrictions, the gluten-free crust is a suitable alternative. It has a similar calorie content to the thin crust and offers a crispy texture.

  • Stuffed Crust: If you’re in the mood for an extra cheesy treat, the stuffed crust is the way to go. However, keep in mind that it also comes with a higher calorie count due to the additional cheese.

Choosing the Right Crust:

  1. Consider your dietary preferences and restrictions when choosing your pizza. If you’re watching your calorie intake or have gluten sensitivities, opt for the thin crust or gluten-free crust. These options are perfect for enjoying mozzarella and other pizza cheeses.

  2. If you’re looking for a more indulgent experience with extra calories, go for the original or pan crust topped with pizza cheese, especially mozzarella.

  3. Experiment with different crust types to find your favorite pizza cheese. Each crust offers a unique texture and flavor profile, enhanced by the delicious taste of mozzarella.

Remember, toppings like mozzarella are equally as crucial to consider as the dough type when determining the caloric composition of your Papa John’s pizza slice. The total calorie count can be greatly increased by adding high-calorie toppings like more cheese or meat. Make decisions that support your nutritional objectives while enjoying your pizza in moderation.

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza By Size?

Papa John’s pizza calories vary significantly based on crust type and toppings. Here’s a breakdown of estimated calories per slice for each size, including mozzarella.

Small (10 Inch Pizza):

  • Thin Crust Pizza – Between 170 to 250 calories per slice with pizza cheese and mozzarella.

  • Regular Crust – Between 190 to 275 calories per slice of pizza cheese with mozzarella.

  • Stuffed Crust – Between 250 to 310 calories per slice of pizza cheese with mozzarella.

Medium (12 Inch Pizza):

  • Thin Crust Pizza – Between 200 to 300 calories per slice with delicious mozzarella cheese.

  • Regular Crust – Between 220 to 325 calories per slice of pizza cheese with mozzarella.

  • Stuffed Crust Pizza – Between 280 to 350 calories per slice with cheese.

Large (14 Inch Pizza):

  • Thin Crust Pizza – Between 230 to 340 calories per slice with cheese.

  • Regular Crust – Between 260 to 380 calories per slice of pizza cheese.

  • Stuffed Crust Pizza with cheese – Between 310 to 390 calories per slice.

Extra Large (16 Inch Pizza):

  • Thin Crust Pizza – Between 260 to 380 calories per slice with delicious cheese.

  • Regular Crust – Between 290 to 420 calories per slice of pizza cheese.

  • Stuffed Crust Pizza – Between 350 to 430 calories per slice with cheese.

These ranges account for variations in toppings – the higher the number of meat toppings and quantity of cheese, the higher the calorie content per slice will be within the range provided.

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John's Pizza
How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza By Topping?

When it comes to indulging in a delicious slice of pizza, it’s only natural to wonder about the calorie content. After all, we want to enjoy our favorite foods while being mindful of our health and wellness goals. So, how many calories are in a slice of Papa John’s pizza? Let’s break it down by topping to give you a better idea.

Topping Calories per Slice
Cheese 210-270
Pepperoni 280-350
Sausage 280-350
BBQ Chicken & Bacon 250-320
The Works 320-390
Garden Fresh 210-270
Spicy Italian 280-350
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken 250-320
Tuscan Six Cheese 250-320
Buffalo Chicken 250-320

The calorie count in a slice of Papa John’s pizza varies based on the topping. Cheese pizza has 210 to 270 calories, while The Works pizza can have 320 to 390 calories.

For lower calories, choose Garden Fresh pizza with 210 to 270 calories. For a heartier option, go for Pepperoni or Spicy Italian pizza with 280 to 350 calories. Both options come with a generous amount of cheese.

Note that these calorie ranges are approximate and can change based on slice size and ingredients used. The nutritional information given is for one slice, so adjust your calorie count if you have more than one slice. Remember, enjoying pizza is about balance and moderation. It’s okay to have your favorite toppings occasionally, but also include nutritious foods in your diet. So go ahead, enjoy that slice of Papa John’s pizza and savor every bite!

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza By Sauce?

When eating Papa John’s pizza, it’s important to know the calorie count. The sauce you choose affects the calories. Let’s compare the calorie content of different sauces.

Sauce Calories per Slice
Original Tomato 210
BBQ 200
Garlic Parmesan 230
Buffalo 220
Alfredo 240

As you can see, the sauce you choose can have a slight impact on the calorie count of your pizza slice. Here are some additional details about each sauce:

  • Original Tomato: This classic sauce option contains 210 calories per slice. It’s a flavorful choice that pairs well with a variety of toppings.

  • BBQ: If you’re a fan of tangy and smoky flavors, the BBQ sauce is a great option. It adds a touch of sweetness to your pizza while keeping the calorie count at a reasonable 200 calories per slice.

  • Garlic Parmesan: For those who enjoy a rich and creamy sauce, the Garlic Parmesan is a delicious choice. However, it does come with a slightly higher calorie count of 230 calories per slice.

  • Buffalo: If you like a bit of heat, the Buffalo sauce is a fantastic option. It adds a spicy kick to your pizza while still keeping the calorie count at 220 calories per slice.

  • Alfredo: For a truly indulgent pizza experience, the Alfredo sauce is the way to go. It’s creamy, rich, and adds a touch of elegance to your pizza. However, it does come with a higher calorie count of 240 calories per slice.

Remember, these calorie counts are based on an average 14-inch pizza. The number of slices per pizza can vary, so be sure to adjust accordingly if you’re enjoying a smaller or larger size.

Knowing the calories in each sauce helps you choose wisely when ordering Papa John’s pizza. Whether you want a healthier choice or a more indulgent one, there’s a sauce for everyone’s taste.

What Are Some Healthier Toppings For Diet?

Here are some of the healthiest toppings you can choose for your Papa John’s pizza to help keep calories and fat in check:

• Vegetables: Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and pizza cheese add flavor and texture without much fat or calories. Opt for extra vegetables and pizza cheese to boost the nutritional profile of your slice.

• Lean Meats: Canadian bacon, chicken, and grilled chicken are lower in fat compared to pizza cheese, sausage, and pepperoni. They provide a good source of protein while keeping calories in a better range.

• Low-Fat Cheese: Request reduced fat mozzarella or part-skim mozzarella cheese to shave off some of the fat and calories from the cheese topping. You’ll still get the cheesy flavor but in a more moderated dose.

• Pizza Cheese: A thin layer of pizza cheese spread on your crust serves as a delicious and traditional topping. The combo of melted cheese adds savory flavor to your Mediterranean-inspired pizza.

• Fruits: Fresh or grilled pineapple, mango and apple make for sweet-tangy contrasts to the traditional pizza flavors. Dried fruits like cranberries and cherries also work well as lighter alternatives.

In summary, choosing toppings that are higher in nutrients and lower in fat and calories can help you satisfy your pizza craving while maintaining a healthier diet. So go lightly on the meats and extra cheese, and pile on the vegetables and other plant-based options.

How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John's Pizza
How Many Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s Pizza

What Are Some Tips for reducing Calories In A Slice Of Papa John’s pizza?

Here are some techniques for lowering the calories in your Papa John’s pizza slice:

• Choose thin crust: Thin crust has fewer calories per slice compared to regular or stuffed crust. Opt for a thinner pizza where possible.

•Go easy on the toppings: Limit higher calorie toppings like extra cheese, multiple types of meat and bacon. Instead, load up on vegetable toppings which provide bulk with fewer calories.

• Request light or reduced fat cheese: Ask for part-skim or reduced fat mozzarella to shave off some of the fat and calories from the cheese. You’ll still get flavor, just in moderated amounts.

•Hold the dipping sauces: While tasty, wing sauces and garlic butter dipping sauce add unnecessary calories to your pizza cheese.

• Pair your slice with a salad: Eat a garden salad with low-calorie dressing before or alongside your pizza. The fiber, volume and nutrients from the salad can help fill you up while balancing the higher calorie pizza.

Take half the slice home: Ordering by the slice gives you the flexibility to only eat half and save the rest for later. This helps control your portion and prevents overindulging in the moment.

By making strategic choices around crust, toppings, cheese and sauces, you can significantly reduce the calories in your Papa John’s pizza slice. But the ultimate goal is enjoying your slice in moderation while still meeting your health needs. So tweak – don’t eliminate – to reach that balance.


While Papa John’s pizza can be indulged in occasionally, making smarter choices can help you reduce the calories and fat in your slice.

By choosing a thin crust, limiting higher calorie toppings like extra cheese and meats, requesting lighter sauce and cheese, and practice portion control, you can shave hundreds of calories off of your slice.

But don’t deprive yourself completely. Moderate your choices instead to find a balance that satisfies your craving without overindulging.

Remember, nutrition is about the big picture. So enjoy your slice of Papa John’s within an overall healthy diet full of variety, moderation and an emphasis on mostly whole foods. That’s the secret to truly savoring life’s indulgences without the guilt.

How many calories in a Papa John’s slice? Varies from 170-430 based on crust, size & toppings.Thin crust,small size & veggie toppings keep cals lower. Sausage/extra cheese boosts cals. Templates enable customizing thin crust pizza wth moderate meat & lots of veggies for a tastier,lower-cal treat.

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How many calories are in a plain cheese slice of Papa John’s pizza?

A plain cheese slice of Papa John’s pizza ranges from 170 to 300 calories depending on the crust type and size. Thin crust will be on the lower end while stuffed crust will be closer to the higher end.

How do toppings affect the calories in a slice?

Toppings have a big impact on pizza calories. Meat toppings and extra cheese add the most, around 20 to 75 calories per slice. Vegetable toppings add less, generally around 5 to 60 extra calories per slice. The more of a particular topping, the higher the calorie impact.

Is thin crust lower in calories than regular crust?

Yes, thin crust has fewer calories per slice compared to regular or stuffed crust. A thin crust slice can have around 30 to100 fewer calories due to using less dough.

Do Papa John’s calorie counts include toppings?

No, Papa John’s lists the calorie count for a plain cheese slice and does not include toppings. Customers must add the estimated calories for selected toppings to determine the total calories for their customized slice.

What is the lowest calorie slice at Papa John’s?

The lowest calorie slice you can order at Papa John’s is a thin crust slice with vegetables toppings and light or reduced fat cheese. Aim for 1-2 meat toppings and limit extra cheese. This can provide a slice around 170 to 250 calories depending on the size.

Which crust has the most calories at Papa John’s?

Stuffed crust has the most calories per slice at Papa John’s compared to thin and regular crusts. This is due to the stuffing inside the crust dough which adds cheese and calories. A stuffed crust slice can have upwards of 100 more calories than thin crust.

Can I make requests to lower the calories in my slice?

Yes! You can ask for thinner crust, lighter sauce, less cheese, and no added dressings or dips. You can also limit meat toppings to 1 or 2 and load up on vegetable toppings instead to lower the calorie content.

Besides toppings, what else affects pizza calories?

Besides toppings, other factors that impact pizza calories include crust type, slice size, amount of cheese and sauce, and any dips or dressings. Customizing these components enables you to reduce calories for a healthier, yet still satisfying slice.

Is it possible to have a “diet” slice of Papa John’s pizza?

While there is no “diet” slice option on the Papa John’s menu, you can customize a thin crust slice with vegetable toppings, light cheese and sauce to create a slice around 170 to 250 calories. Pair your slice with a salad for a balanced, moderate-calorie meal.

Any tips to avoid overeating pizza?

Some tips to prevent overeating pizza include ordering by the slice instead of the pie, taking half your slice home, eating a light salad before your slice, sharing your pizza with someone else, and drinking a glass of water before and during your meal. Portioning out your toppings in advance can also help limit excess.

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