How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza

How Big is a DiGiorno pizza, really? This is a question many shoppers wonder as they stare at the enticing photos of the ready-made pizzas in supermarket freezers.

DiGiorno pizzas promise a “rise to the occasion” experience, but how do their sizes truly compare?

Let’s break down the sizes of DiGiorno pizzas with stats and measure up the real estate you can expect from each variety, from rising crust to supreme to three meat treats and more.

Thaw out the facts on How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza? to help you decide which frozen pan pizzas will rise to the feast that you and your family have in mind.

What Is DiGiorno pizza?

DiGiorno is a brand of frozen pizza produced by Nestlé and General Mills.  DiGiorno pizza originated in 1995 when General Mills acquired the frozen pizza company Consolidated Foods Corporation.

With this purchase, General Mills entered the frozen pizza market with the DiGiorno brand.

DiGiorno frozen pizzas immediately stood out with their high-quality dough, cheese, and toppings that rivaled pizzas served from restaurants.

After General Mills sold its stake in the DiGiorno brand to Nestlé in 2002, Nestlé ramped up marketing efforts using the now famous tagline “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno” which began airing in 2004. In the 2000s, DiGiorno pizza gained notoriety for inventing new styles like rising crust and thin ‘n’ crispy varieties.

Between advertising, product innovation and quality ingredients, DiGiorno achieved its current position as one of America’s favorite frozen pizza brands.

Today, DiGiorno pizza offers numerous options for any pizza craving at home thanks to over 20 years of history and innovation.

How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza
How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza

How Many Pizza Sizes Does DiGiorno Pizza?

There are Five different pizza sizes available at DiGiorno Pizza: Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large, Special. Each size is measured by its diameter in inches and the number of slices it provides.


DiGiorno offers a 10-inch small pizza size suitable for 1-2 people. This round pizza has 6 slices and is a personal size pizza for a quick light meal.


A 12-inch medium pizza is DiGiorno’s most popular size and feeds 2-3 people. With 8 slices, it’s ideal for a small group. This hand-tossed or flatbread crust pizza has a good balance of crust and toppings.


For bigger appetites, a 14-inch large pizza is available. With 12 slices, DiGiorno’s large pizza can satisfy 3-4 hungry people. The larger crust and greater amount of cheese and toppings make this a crowd-pleaser.

Extra Large

When a regular large pizza isn’t enough, DiGiorno offers a mighty 16-inch extra large pizza. With 16 slices, this pizza feeds 4-6 people. The extra-large is ideal for big families, parties or when you want lots of leftovers.


In addition to regular pizzas, DiGiorno frequently releases special limited-time pizza offerings. Recent examples include a square Sicilian-style pizza, flatbread bacon cheeseburger pizza, and Primo Meat sweepstakes pizza with five kinds of meat. These special pizzas are available for a limited time only in select sizes.

How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza

Want to know the real estate each DiGiorno pizza size offers? From personal pan to extra-large, get measuring tape ready to find out How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza.


The small Digiorno pizzas range from 9 to 10 inches/ 23 to 25 centimeters in diameter. They are perfect for one or two people as a light meal or snack. They offer around 8 slices.


The medium Digiorno pizzas measure 12 inches/ 30 centimeters in diameter. They provide around 10 slices and are suitable to feed 3 to 4 people. They are a good option for families or small gatherings.


The large Digiorno pizzas have a diameter of 14 inches / 35 centimeters and offer 12 slices. They can satisfy the hunger of 5 to 6 people, making them ideal for parties and get-togethers with friends.

Extra Large 

The extra-large Digiorno pizzas measure between 16 to 17 inches / 40 to 43 centimeters across. They provide up to 16 generous slices that can feed 7 or more hungry diners. They are perfect for larger groups and events.


Digiorno also offers specialty sized pizzas like mini personal pan pizzas 6 inches / 15 centimeters, lava cakes 8 inches / 20 centimeters and pizza bowl shapes for single diners or as appetizers.

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What types of crust does DiGiorno offer?

DiGiorno offers several crust options to choose from, giving customers a variety of textures and flavors. The main types of crust available for DiGiorno pizzas include:

Thin Crust 

This is the classic pizza crust option, thin and crispy. The thin crust DiGiorno pizzas bake up light and crispy on the outside while still being chewy and soft on the inside. They are seasoned simply with salt and olive oil for a traditional pizza flavor.

Original Crust

The original crust pizzas from DiGiorno have a medium thickness crust that is not quite deep dish but thicker than a thin crust. The original crust pies bake up with a crisp bottom and slightly chewy interior.

Rising Crust 

The signature rising crust from DiGiorno features air pockets that allow the crust to puff up while baking, creating a fluffy and crispy texture. The rising crust option is available on many of DiGiorno’s most popular pizza varieties.

How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza
How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza

What to serve with DiGiorno pizza?

Serve delicious Pizza side dishes and Appetizers for pizza to complement your DiGiorno pie.

Start with a traditional Caesar Salad to serve with pizza topped with croutons and Parmesan cheese.

For carb lovers, bake some Garlic knots with pizza for dipping in marinara sauce.

String cheese and veggie trays with ranch dressing make for great pizza appetizers.

For a classic side, bake some cheesy Breadsticks with pizza for mopping up the last bits of sauce.

How to store leftover DiGiorno pizza?

To keep your leftover DiGiorno pizza fresh for later, follow these simple steps:

  • First, leave the pizza in the pan it was cooked in. Do not remove slices or try to re-box the pizza.
  • Let the pizza cool completely before covering and storing. This helps prevent condensation from forming.
  • Cover the entire pan loosely with foil then place the covered pan inside an airtight plastic bag or food storage container.
  • Refrigerate the pizza within 2 hours of cooking. Leftover pizza is best consumed within 3 to 4 days.
  • When reheating leftover DiGiorno pizza, take the pan out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before cooking to bring it to room temperature. Then pop it back in the oven until hot and crispy.

Tips to Cut A Large Pizza Hut Pizza Perfectly

Here are some tips to cut a large Pizza Hut pizza perfectly:

• Use a large sharp pizza cutter wheel or pizza shears. Dull or small cutters will make irregular slices.

• Cut straight down from the center outwards in one motion. Don’t saw back and forth.

• Cut the pizza into 6 to 8 equal slices depending on the size. More slices means more even portions.

• For a square or rectangular pizza, cut sides first then divide into portions from the middle. Cut from alternating angles for nicer shapes.

• Lift the pizza cutter after each cut and wipe off excess cheese and sauce to allow for a clean next slice.

• For thick or stuffed crust pizza, press down firmly with the cutter to go all the way through the crust.

• If the pizza is too hot to cut right away, let it cool for 5-10 minutes until the cheese firms up slightly. This makes slicing cleaner and easier.

• To test your cuts, lay the slices flat. Adjust accordingly if any pieces are noticeably larger or smaller.

With the proper tools and technique, you’ll be able to cut any large Pizza Hut pizza into even, identically-sized portions every time!

How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza
How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza


In the end, DiGiorno offers a robust assortment of pizza sizes to fit any appetite or occasion.

From personal pan pies to extra-large party pizzas, there is a DiGiorno option that will rise to the feed the number of people you have in mind.

While the sizes and number of slices vary considerably from small to extra large, one thing remains the same – the quality ingredients and oven-baked flavor in every DiGiorno pizza.

So whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight meal for two or need to satisfy a whole team’s worth of hunger, just thaw and bake the perfect rising crust pizza from this beloved frozen foods brand.

The only question now is, what topping will you choose for your next DiGiorno pie that answers the question – How Big Is A Digiorno Pizza?


What are the different sizes of Digiorno pizzas available?

Digiorno pizzas come in various sizes, including small (personal), medium, large, and family-size options, catering to different appetites.

How many slices are in a standard-sized Digiorno pizza?

A standard-sized Digiorno pizza typically contains about 6 to 8 slices, depending on the size and crust thickness.

Can I find Digiorno pizzas in individual serving sizes?

Yes, Digiorno offers personal-sized pizzas that are perfect for a single serving.

Are Digiorno pizzas bigger than delivery pizzas?

Digiorno pizzas are comparable in size to many delivery pizzas, offering a satisfying meal for individuals or families.

What is the average diameter of a Digiorno pizza?

The average diameter of a Digiorno pizza ranges from approximately 9 to 12 inches for small to medium sizes and up to 16 inches for large and family-sized options.

Can I customize the size of a Digiorno pizza?

Digiorno pizzas come pre-made in standard sizes, and customization options for size are limited to the available options provided by the brand.

How many people can a large Digiorno pizza serve?

A large Digiorno pizza can generally serve about 3 to 4 people, depending on their appetites and portion sizes.

Are Digiorno pizzas bigger than frozen store-brand pizzas?

Digiorno pizzas are often larger than generic frozen store-brand pizzas, offering more generous servings and a higher-quality dining experience.

Do Digiorno pizzas come in deep-dish or thin-crust varieties?

Yes, Digiorno offers a range of crust styles, including deep-dish, thin-crust, and traditional crust options, allowing you to choose your preferred style.

Can I find specialty or limited-edition Digiorno pizzas in unique sizes?

Occasionally, Digiorno releases specialty or limited-edition pizzas that may come in unique sizes or shapes, providing customers with exciting new options to try.

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