How Big Are Little Caesars Pizzas?

Little Caesars is known for offering delicious pizza at an affordable price. With a variety of options to choose from, it can be helpful to understand the different pizza sizes available when you order from Little Caesars. This guide will provide an overview of the standard pizza sizes, compare the classic round pizzas to the Detroit-style deep dish, give serving recommendations, break down pricing and value, look at nutritional content, and how big are Little Caesars pizzas. Read on to get a grasp of Little Caesars pizza sizes so you can choose the perfect amount of pizza for any occasion.

Little Caesars Pizza Sizes Explained

Little Caesars offers both classic round pizzas as well as Detroit-style deep dish pizzas. Here is an overview of the typical sizes available for each style:

Classic Round Pizza Sizes:

  • Personal (8″): A single-serving size pizza that comes with 4 slices. Great for kids meals or lighter individual pizzas.
  • Small (10″): Typically cut into 6 slices, so good for 1-2 hungry people.
  • Medium (12″): Cut into 8 slices, so can feed 2-3 people comfortably. A popular size for couples or small families.
  • Large (14″): Cut into 12 slices, so can feed 3-4 people. A common size for feeding larger families or groups.
  • Extra Large (16″): 16 slices make this a great size for parties, large gatherings, and big appetites. Feeds about 5-6 people.

Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza Sizes:

  • Personal (8″ x 10″): A rectangular single-serve pizza with 4 corner slices.
  • Small (10″ x 14″): 6 slices make this a good personal pizza or light meal for 2.
  • Medium (12″ x 18″): Cut into 9 rectangular slices, so suitable for 2-3 people.
  • Large (14″ x 20″): 12 slices make this a great size for 3-4 hungry people. The most popular Detroit pizza size.
  • Extra Large (16″ x 24″): With 16 slices, it’s ideal for large groups of 5-6 people.

As you can see, the personal size is good for kids or solo diners, while medium and large tend to be the most versatile sizes for small groups and families. The extra large pizzas are great for feeding big crowds at parties or gatherings.

Little Caesars Pizza Sizes Explained

Ingredients Gathering

  • Dough: The dough is usually prepared in large batches. It could be made fresh daily or delivered to each store pre-made and refrigerated.
  • Sauce: The tomato sauce could be a proprietary blend of tomatoes, spices, and herbs.
  • Cheese: Typically, a blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheese is used, which is pre-shredded and delivered to stores.
  • Toppings: These include a variety of meats and vegetables that are pre-sliced to ensure uniformity and quick baking.

Pizza Making Process

  1. Dough Preparation: Workers press the dough into pans or use a dough sheeter to get it to the correct thickness and size. Some locations may use a dough that is already pressed and simply needs to be thawed.
  2. Saucing: A measured amount of sauce is spread onto the dough, often using a spiral motion to ensure even coverage.
  3. Cheesing: The cheese is applied generously over the sauce, again ensuring even coverage to the edges of the crust.
  4. Topping: Additional toppings are added according to the specific order.
  5. Baking: The pizza is then baked in a conveyor belt oven at a high temperature. The exact temperature and time will depend on the oven type and the pizza, but the goal is a consistent bake that produces a golden-brown crust and fully melted cheese.
  6. Slicing and Boxing: After baking, the pizza is removed from the oven, sliced into pieces, and placed into a box for pickup or delivery.

Quality Control

  • Consistency: Employees follow standardized procedures to ensure each pizza meets the chain’s quality and appearance standards.
  • Speed: The process is optimized for speed, as Little Caesars is known for its “Hot-N-Ready” concept, offering customers a quick, ready-made pizza option.

Health and Safety

  • Food Safety: Employees are trained to follow food safety protocols, including proper hand washing, wearing gloves, and avoiding cross-contamination of ingredients.

Technology and Automation

With advancements in technology, some steps in the pizza-making process might be assisted by automation, such as dough pressing, saucing, and even topping placement. However, human workers are still crucial forquality control, monitoring the process, and adding the human touch to customer service.

It’s worth noting that the specifics of how Little Caesar’s pizzas are made might vary somewhat by location and over time as the company adapts to new methods and customer preferences. If you’re looking for the exact and current details on how Little Caesar’s makes their pizza, the most reliable source would be directly from the company or an official company representative.

Size Comparison: Classic Round vs. Detroit Deep Dish

While the diameter of Detroit-style deep dish pizzas is similar to that of the classic round pizzas, the rectangular shape and thick, airy crust give them a very different eating experience.

The Detroit-style pizzas have a crisp, fried bottom with caramelized cheese edges, while the round pizzas are thinner with more traditional dough. The deep dish also tends to have heavier, doughier slices that are more filling.

In terms of cheese, Detroit pizzas are completely smothered edge-to-edge, while round pizzas have a solid but more restrained cheese layer. Toppings also sit nestled within the thick deep dish crust rather than resting on top.

Overall, the Detroit-style deep dish pizzas feel more indulgent, baked casserole-like, and hearty. The classic rounds are lighter and easier to eat multiple slices of. So consider your preferences when choosing between the two.

Serving Guide

Figuring out what size to order for different occasions can seem tricky. Here are some recommendations on the best Little Caesars pizza sizes for different needs:

  • Individual Meals: The personal 8” size is a great single-serving pizza for one hungry person.
  • Small Groups (2-4 people): The 10” or 12” round pizzas are ideal for feeding a few people. For Detroit pizza, opt for the 10”x14” small or 12”x18” medium.
  • Large Groups (4-8 people): For rounds, the 14” large pizza has enough slices for a crowd. Or choose the 14”x20” Detroit pizza.
  • Big Parties (8-12 people): Go for the 16” extra large round pizza or the 16”x24” Detroit pizza to give everyone a few slices.
  • Game Day & Events: Large 14” pizzas are popular for casual game day watch parties. Extra large 16” pizzas are best for big game day crowds or birthday parties.
  • Office Meetings: Medium 12” pizzas or a mix of small and medium pizzas can feed an office team without too many leftovers.

Consider your guest size, appetites, and occasion when deciding on the perfect pizza quantity. Pizza can also be refrigerated or frozen to enjoy leftovers.

Pricing and Value

One of the appeals of Little Caesars pizza is the affordable pricing for the large portions. Here are some average prices for different size pizzas:

  • Personal Pizza: $6
  • Small Pizza: $8
  • Medium Pizza: $10
  • Large Pizza: $12
  • Extra Large Pizza: $15

These are the baseline prices for cheese pizzas without any toppings or special requests. Adding extra toppings like pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, etc. typically costs an additional $1-2 per topping.

Specialty pizzas like the Deep Deep Dish or Meat Lovers will be a bit pricier than the standard options. Regional pricing and specials may also vary.

Given the number of hearty slices in each pizza, Little Caesars offers excellent value, especially for feeding groups. Their Hot-N-Ready deal for a pepperoni pizza (typically a large 14”) for just $5 is arguably one of the best budget meal offerings out there.

Nutritional Considerations

Pizza is not necessarily a “diet food,” but Little Caesars does offer some nutrition information on their website to help customers make informed choices. Here are some key details:

  • A slice of 14” large cheese pizza has 220 calories, 9g fat, 740mg sodium.
  • Pepperoni pizza has around 250 calories and 15g fat per slice.
  • Meat or deluxe pizzas range from 270-300 calories and 17-22g fat per slice.
  • Stuffed crust options add 80-100 calories more per slice compared to original crust.
  • Detroit-style deep dish has higher calorie counts of 300-350 per slice owing to the thicker crust.
  • Veggie or Hawaiian pizzas are lower calorie options around 200 calories a slice.

In general, the more meat toppings, thicker crusts, and cheese a pizza has, the higher the calories, fat, sodium, and carbs. Those watching their nutrition can customize pizzas with vegetable toppings and lighter sauces. But most can enjoy an occasional slice of pizza when dining out without worrying too much! Moderation and balance is key.

Nutritional Considerations

Regional and International Size Variations

While Little Caesars maintains consistent sizing between their different pizza styles, there are some regional and international differences worth noting:

  • In Hawaii, the small pizza is 12” rather than 10” to better feed groups.
  • The large pizza is 16” instead of 14” in some international markets like the Middle East and Latin America.
  • A mini 3.5” personal pizza is offered as a kids snack in some South American locations.
  • Some Asian locations have larger 18” mega pizzas on offer for big crowds.
  • A 20” colossal pizza meant for 8+ people is available in select Australian Little Caesars stores.
  • Canadian locations no longer offer the 16” extra large pizza size.

So if traveling or ordering internationally, be aware the naming conventions and sizing options may vary slightly between regions. But the personal, small, medium, and large sizes are fairly standard worldwide.

Special Offers and Promotions

Little Caesars regularly has promotions and deals that involve specific pizza sizes:

  • The famous Hot-N-Ready $5 Deal is for a pepperoni large 14” classic round pizza. This ready-to-go hot pizza deal is available during store hours.
  • Carryout specials often include two medium 2-topping pizzas for $6 each. This feeds groups of 2-4 people affordably.
  • During big sporting events like March Madness or the Super Bowl, large pizza bundles are heavily promoted. Keep an eye out for deals like a large 2-topping pizza, breadsticks, and a 2-liter soda for $10.
  • For parties of 8+, special pricing may be offered on extra large pizzas with 1-2 toppings during certain holiday weekends or times of year.
  • The lunch combo includes a slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza with a 20oz drink for around $3-5 depending on region. A quick, personal meal.
  • Kids birthday and school fundraising packages often center around personal pizzas, pizza-making kits, and pizza slice coupons.

Subscribe to promotional emails or follow Little Caesars on social media to stay up-to-date on seasonal sizes and limited-time offers.

Online Ordering and Delivery

Ordering Little Caesars for delivery or carryout online makes getting that perfect pizza size for any occasion even more convenient. Here are some benefits of online ordering how big are Little Caesars pizzas:

  • Browse all the available crusts, sauces, toppings, and specialty pizzas across different sizes. Add to cart exactly what you need.
  • Input the total number of people you need to feed and the online pizza builder will recommend the ideal size and quantities.
  • No need to call and place an order during busy store times. Complete your purchase online at your convenience.
  • Register an account to save your favorited orders, payment information, and delivery addresses to speed up the process.
  • Take advantage of any exclusive online discounts or coupons that may be available.
  • Get an instant order confirmation and delivery ETA via email, text, or app notifications.
  • Delivery is available from most locations. Drivers can carry multiple pizzas, sides, and drinks in one trip.
  • Track your delivery in real-time on a live map right to your door. Contactless drop-off is also an option.

Ordering online is ideal for offices getting lunch catered for meetings or for hosting parties with a lot of pizzas. You can accurately get the pizza count, sizes and toppings you need without hassle.

Customer Insights on Size Satisfaction

Across various customer reviews, most Little Caesars fans seem quite satisfied with the diverse pizza size options available how big are Little Caesars pizzas:

  • Many love that they can get a personal 8” pizza all for themselves or split a 10” pizza on date nights.
  • Groups of 4-6 say the 14” large round or 14”x20” Detroit pizza is perfect for sharing without too many leftovers.
  • Customers stocking up for big game days appreciate the 16” extra large pizza feeding a whole crowd.
  • Parents ordering the kids snack pack with a personal pizza, drink, and treat are thrilled with the pint-sized meal.
  • Office colleagues ordering takeout appreciate the range of small, medium, and large pizzas to suit different appetites.
  • Those with big appetites say they can comfortably eat 3 slices of a Detroit-style deep dish pizza, compared to 4-5 rounds.
  • Vegetarians love being able to customize their own veggie pizzas in any size.

Being able to mix, match, and customize pizzas exactly to your liking in the perfect size seems to be a winning strategy for Little Caesars.

Customer Insights on Size Satisfaction

Seasonal and Limited-Time Size Options

In addition to their classic pizza sizes, Little Caesars does offer some exciting seasonal, promotional, and limited-edition options at times:

  • Heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day (typically in small or medium sizes).
  • Green St. Patrick’s Day bagel pizzas (personal size).
  • Summer cookout bundle deals with picnic-friendly personal pizzas.
  • Pumpkin-shaped Halloween pizzas (personal).
  • Gingerbread Christmas pizzas around the holidays (personal or 12″ diameter).
  • Special March Madness and Super Bowl extra large bundles.
  • Limited-time 18″ mega pizzas with over 20 slices.
  • Regional or international specials, like the Canadian Uncroissant limited-time stuffed pizza.

Part of the fun is checking out what unique, inventive, and trendy new pizza sizes Little Caesars dreams up.

Dietary and Allergen Information

Little Caesars can accommodate a variety of dietary needs and allergies, with gluten-free and vegan options that come in standard pizza sizes:

  • Gluten-free pizza crusts are available in personal, small, and medium sizes.
  • Vegan cheese pizzas can be ordered with regular or gluten-free crusts in sizes from personal to extra large.
  • Cauliflower crust pizzas are also available in small and medium sizes.
  • Pizzas can be ordered without cheese or with just sauce for dairy-free and vegan diets.

Always mention any food allergy or dietary needs when placing an order. Little Caesars aims to suit all preferences across their pizza sizes.

Sustainability Efforts

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Little Caesars strives to use recyclable and responsible packaging for all pizza sizes:

  • Pizzas are packaged in corrugated cardboard circles and boxes that can be widely recycled.
  • Reusable delivery bags are available for carryout orders at some eco-friendly locations.
  • Larger pizza sizes use slightly more packaging, but efforts are made to minimize waste.
  • Employees are trained on recycling practices and optimal waste disposal methods.

Though tasty and tempting, remember to properly dispose of or recycle the pizza boxes and packets after enjoying the convenient meal.


Whether you are craving a personal pizza for lunch or need enough slices to feed the whole team, Little Caesars has a diverse range of pizza sizes perfect for every situation. Their classic round and deep Detroit-style pizzas come in handy personal, small, medium, large, and extra large options to suit anyone’s needs and budget. Just determine the pizza quantity and slices needed for your occasion and order a size accordingly for guaranteed smiles and satisfaction. Thanks to the broad sizing choices at Little Caesars, cheesy pizza happiness is never far away.

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