Best supermarket Easter eggs to buy 2024 – Waitrose, Morrisons and more

For the full list of winners, including the best hot cross buns, visit our full Easter Taste Awards results.

Best milk chocolate egg

BBCGF Sains Taste the Difference Belgian Honeycomb Corn Crunch Egg 230g copy 2

Winner: Sainsbury’s Belgian Honeycomb Corn Crunch Giant Easter Egg

Judges loved the unique flavour of this luxurious egg. Aiming to recreate the flavour of a nostalgic cornflake cake, this has a moreish balance of sweet-salty flavour. The chocolate is studded with nuggets of honeycomb and crunchy roasted corn.

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Available from:
Sainsbury’s (£8)

Runner up: Morrisons The Best Belgian Milk & Blonde Chocolate with Caramel, Pretzel & Honeycomb Easter Egg

Some judges found this egg slightly too sweet, but if you have a sweet tooth you will enjoy! There is a generous amount of pretzel and honeycomb pieces to add crunch to the sweet milk chocolate.

Available from:
Morrisons (£5)

Best dark chocolate egg


Winner: Morrisons The Best Dark Chocolate Himalayan Sea Salt Easter Egg

A good dark chocolate for an Easter egg, this has a really smooth texture, subtle balanced bitterness and hint of salt.

Available from:
Morrisons (£5)

Runner up: Aldi Specially Selected Dark Ripple Egg with Rich Coffee

A distinctly grown-up egg, this egg has thin chocolate for a delicate result. The addition of coffee adds a level of bitterness that won’t be for everybody but is enjoyable if you don’t like overly sweet chocolate.

Available from:
Aldi (£4.99)

Best white chocolate egg

BBCGF Waitrose The Cracking Pistachio

Winner: Waitrose The Cracking Pistachio

Judges loved the unique design of this egg, shaped to look like a giant pistachio nut. The winning element is the ultra creamy blonde chocolate ‘shell’ which was incredibly moreish – but it is worth noting that the green pistachio inner has quite a weak pistachio flavour despite the vibrant colour.

Available from:
Waitrose (£14)

For children or those with a sweet tooth, this has generous quantities of fluffy marshmallows and tangy freeze-dried raspberries.

Available from:
Asda (£8)

Runner up: Morrisons The Best Belgian White & Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg

White and blonde chocolate combine in this gently swirled Easter egg – the blonde chocolate adds a touch of rich, caramelised flavour and fine biscuit pieces add little bits of crunch.

Available from:
Morrisons (£5)

Best vegan egg

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Free From Extra Thick Rocky Road Egg

This chocolate has a good thickness, studded with crunchy biscuit pieces and fluffy marshmallows to add interest. The chocolate is sweet and has a simple ridged design on the outside.

Available from:
Sainsbury’s (£8)

Best children’s egg

BBCGF Sainsbury's Bunny Box

Joint winner: by Sainsbury’s Choc-a-lot Bunny Box

This box of goodies contains everything you need to throw an Easter egg hunt – large and small eggs, plus chocolate lollipops too. The box is a fun concept with games on the packaging and a guide to making an Easter bunny costume from the box too.

Available from:
Sainsbury’s (£6.50)

BBCGF Asda Charli the Chick

Joint winner: ASDA Belgian White Chocolate Charli the Chick

Kids will love this sweet white chocolate egg with a cute chick design. The white chocolate is impressive quality – rich, creamy and sweet. A great gift.

Available from:
Asda (£4.50)

Best chocolate bunny

BBCGF M&S Nibbles the Bunny

Joint winner: M&S Nibbles the Bunny

This adorable design is sure to be popular with children – almost too cute to eat! The chocolate tastes a little bit darker than some others we tested, for a touch more depth of flavour.

Available from:
Ocado (£3)

BBCGF Aldi hazelnut bunny

Joint winner: Aldi Specially Selected Milk Hazelnut Bunny

Easter bunnies aren’t just for kids. This hazelnut bunny has a more grown-up flavour, with lots of crunchy nuts throughout and smooth chocolate on a simplistic design.

Available from:
Aldi (£1.69)

Best miniature eggs

Winner: M&S Collection Swiss Mini Eggs

These smart foil-wrapped milk chocolate eggs have a soft hazelnut centre, for a distinctly grown up treat.

Available from:
M&S, £3.50

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