Best hot cross buns 2024

Read on to find out which traditional, flavoured and gluten-free hot cross buns came out on top, as well as our favourite simnel cake and desserts for Easter 2024.

Find out the results of our hot cross bun categories below, and visit our Easter Taste Awards page for the rest of our winning categories, including the best chocolate Easter egg categories.

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Best classic hot cross buns

BBCGF Aldi hot cross buns

Winner: Aldi Specially Selected Hot Cross Buns

These attractive hot cross buns have a shiny glaze and generous amount of fruit dispersed throughout. The raisins are plump and the dough has good squishy texture.

Available from:
Aldi (£1.35, in-store)

These have plump. juicy raisins and a squishy bun. The buns are strongly spiced with cinnamon with a pleasant shiny appearance.

Available from:
Tesco (£1.60)

Best alternative hot cross buns

BBCGF Waitrose Belgian chocolate buns

Winner: Waitrose Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

These have a rich chocolate flavour with big chocolate chips – a good twist on a classic hot cross bun that sweet tooths will enjoy.

Available from:

Runner up: M&S Extremely Caramely Hot Cross Buns

These are intensely sweet that might divide hot cross bun purists with those who can’t resist a touch of salted caramel – it works well in a hot cross bun form but is a touch synthetic for some judges.

Available from:
M&S (£2)

Best savoury hot cross buns

BBCGF M&S cheesy HCBs

Winner: M&S Extremely Cheesy Hot Cross Buns

The cheese flavour of these buns appealed to all judges, with good texture to the bread and slight chew. One of these buns would make an extremely decadent grilled cheese sandwich…

Available from:
Ocado (£2, 4-pack)

Best simnel cake

BBCGF Waitrose Simnel cake

Winner: Waitrose Easter Simnel Cake

This classic simnel cake has a pretty design and lovely texture. The cake is generously spiced and the marzipan gives good depth of almond flavour.

Available from:
Ocado (£13, 930g)

Best Easter dessert

Joint winner: Aldi Specially Selected Hot Cross Bun Pudding – Banoffee

Judges loved this comforting pud: crispy top, squidgy custardy centre and lots of fruit and spice from the hot cross buns. It is very indulgent and sweet.

Available from:
Aldi (£3.99, 600g. In store March 26)

Joint winner: M&S Easter Lamb Meets Colin the Caterpillar

Who doesn’t love a Colin the Caterpillar cake? For this Easter makeover, you get two signature chocolatey cakes as Colin meets a lamb. It’s a fun Easter centrepiece that would make a great dessert if you’ve got lots of kids to feed over the Easter weekend.

Available from:
M&S (£12)

For more 2024 winners, including the best Easter eggs, visit our Easter Taste Awards.

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