Best Easter eggs to order online and send by post UK 2024

For more treats to send by post, see our top letterbox-friendly gifts. We’ve also rounded up the best supermarket Easter eggs and some of the most unusual Easter eggs and chocolate we’ve found this year, including cheese Easter eggs and chocolate sandwiches…

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Chococo takes Easter eggs to the next level with their unique designs and high-quality chocolate. One of our favourite options is the milk chocolate ocean studded Easter egg (£14). The outside is hand-painted with natural colouring and sprinkled with edible shimmer. Crack it open to reveal fun ocean animals like turtles and starfish made from 45% Venezuela origin milk chocolate.

If turtles aren’t your thing, try the fun milk chocolate dinosaur egg (£14), studded with dinosaurs and fossils. We also loved the milk chocolate honeycomb egg (£14). The packaging for these eggs is completely plastic-free, making it a great sustainable option. Chococo certainly knows how to craft stunning, handmade Easter eggs with innovative designs and flavours.

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Hotel Chocolat


The ultimate treat for chocolate lovers, Hotel Chocolat has something for everyone. These luxury Easter eggs are full of unique flavours. We particularly love the decadent Extra Thick range – hearty chocolate eggs full of a selection of truffles, all set in gorgeous tin packaging.

The rocky road egg is made of solid caramel milk chocolate and encrusted with puffed rice and cookie pieces. It’s full of truffles, ranging in flavours from pecan praline to caramel cheesecake and chocolate orange. If salted caramel isn’t for you, try their dark chocolate (£29.45) or pink champagne (£29.45) versions for a more indulgent Easter egg delivery.

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Lindt Lindor


You can’t go wrong with a classic Lindt offering on Easter Sunday. Their creamy milk chocolate is great for those with a very sweet tooth.

If you’re a fan of Lindor truffles, you’ll love the white, milk and dark mini eggs that accompany the egg, filled with truffle ganache. We love that it all comes in plastic-free packaging, too. Make this the prize of your Easter egg hunt – kids and adults alike can share the popular mini eggs truffles.

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Ferrero Rocher


These miniature eggs have a crunchy waffle layer sandwiched between smooth milk chocolate with a runny hazelnut filling. The crunch makes them incredibly addictive and they have a foil covering making them fun to unwrap and perfect to hide in an Easter egg hunt

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Betty’s Tea Room


This stunning, milk chocolate egg is hand-decorated with delicate bluebells, daffodils and other spring flowers. It’s packaged in a gorgeous pastel box – a treat to open on Easter Sunday. It’s a generous size and stands up on its own, making for a spectacular Easter centrepiece and a wonderful Easter egg delivery option.

The Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate tastes very refined, it isn’t too sweet and has a great snap. It’s stippled with dark chocolate, providing contrast, and finished with chocolate piping around the edges. We love the ornate decoration and attention to detail.

Betty’s has a fantastic selection of Easter eggs in a variety of price ranges. We also love the stunning art deco easter egg (£22), this milk chocolate orange flavoured button egg (£25) and a letterbox-friendly flat egg (£13.75).

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Easter eggs to order online for kids



In a generous size and dinosaur-like textural finish, this Maltesers egg will bring joy to any child. It has a hollow milk centre and comes with a full-size bag of Maltesers for an extra crunchy treat.

Maltesers also offers an extra-large white chocolate Maltesers egg, complete with creamy and crunchy white chocolate Maltesers truffles for an extra indulgent Easter egg delivery.

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Twix white chocolate egg

Twix Easter egg

This brand new launch for Easter this year gave us our first chance to try a white chocolate Twix. The large white chocolate egg comes complete with a very generous three Twixes and we were pleasantly surprised – despite worrying they would be too sweet, the creamy white chocolate and caramel are easily balanced by the crunchy biscuit. Perfect for any classic Twix fan.

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Montezuma’s hens are the perfect gift options for kids and adults alike. They’re made from creamy, organic, 35% milk chocolate, speckled with white and dark chocolate.

We also enjoyed the moreish chocolate mini eggs (£4.99) filled peanut butter. The 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging is an added bonus. Who wouldn’t love waking up to this Easter egg delivery on Sunday morning?

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Tony’s Chocolonely


Order Easter eggs online with this cheerful miniature egg selection. This cult-favourite brand shrunk down their best-selling bars into a variety pack, perfect for gifting or an egg hunt.

While small in size, they’re loaded with powerful flavours like nougat, hazelnut, caramel, almond, sea-salt and pretzel toffee. The variety guarantees there’s a flavour everyone will love. The festive egg carton packaging makes for a playful gift for under a fiver.

The generous box feels like a fantastic budget option. Tony’s is committed to sourcing ethical chocolate, making it an Easter egg delivery you can feel good about.

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Vegan Easter eggs to order online

Hip Chocolate


This creamy oat milk chocolate combines with salted caramel and Maldon sea salt for a plant-based treat. Made from ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients as well as plastic-free packaging, making it the ideal easter egg for the eco-conscious person in your life. Go the extra mile and include a bag of H!P’s Easter bunny peanut butter chocolate bites in your order, the deliciously smooth and creamy filling is guaranteed to put a smile on plenty of faces.

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Happi Easter egg

Looking for a vegan easter egg that’s not dark chocolate? We’ve finally found a great milk chocolate alternative with these deliciously creamy oat milk chocolate eggs. They’re free from dairy, gluten and soya, plus they’re lower in sugar than most brands.

The plain milk version is suitable for most tastes, the texture is spot on and the flavour isn’t too sweet. The orange chocolate has a citrussy kick that’s not too overpowering or artificial. Our favourite, however, was the salted caramel egg with a sweet flavour and salty bite. Order this Easter egg online for a delicious treat that happens to be largely allergy-free too.

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Doisy & Dam


Vegans can get their mini egg fix with these Good Eggs from Doisy & Dam. These bright colourful eggs would look lovely in a bowl or to top an Easter dessert as they have a speckled finish too. They have a satisfying thin, sweet crunch and good quality dark chocolate inside. Palm-oil free, they also sustainably source their cocoa making for a sweet and conscientious treat.

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Divine Chocolate


We loved this scrumptious vegan Easter egg . The chocolate has a great texture with smooth creaminess. The thickness of the shell is just right, with a lovely crisp snap and not to mention the refreshing raspberry taste. The 70% dark chocolate is made without any animal products. This dairy-free Easter egg is Fairtrade and made without palm oil.

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