Best Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas for Pizza Lovers

Woman eating and enjoying pizza

We all know someone in our lives who can’t resist a slice of pizza. When it’s a friend or family member, knowing that someone near and dear to you likes pizza can help you figure out what to give when you’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift. Explore the best Christmas gift ideas for pizza lovers and jumpstart your holiday shopping today.

Baking Stones

Woman eating and enjoying pizza

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Also sometimes referred to as a pizza stone, a baking stone is a must-have kitchen item for any pizza lover. This stone is a porous ceramic rectangle or circle placed on the floor or lowest rack of a cold oven. The stone heats as the oven’s temperature increases. Baking pizza on a stone provides more reflective heat than the oven can generate by itself, creating an environment that closely matches that of a professional pizzeria oven.

When you use a baking stone for cooking a pizza, you’ll find that the pizza crust will come out nice and even, with just the right amount of crispiness. A baking stone is ideal for preparing pizza or baking crusty breads such as focaccia, hard rolls, and baguettes.

As you use it in the oven, a baking stone will brown naturally with age. Repeated use will only further harden the stone and improve its baking performance for pizzas and breads.


Every pizza enthusiast should have a cookbook or two dedicated to making pizzas. You’ll find an infinite selection of pizza-themed cookbooks online or at your local bookstore that can take your gift recipients through the techniques of perfect pizza preparation at home. Whether you want to learn how to make Grandma Pizza or experiment with different combinations of toppings, a pizza-themed cookbook makes a thoughtful Christmas gift to inspire pizza creativity.

Frozen Pequod’s Deep-Dish Pizza From Goldbelly

Frozen sausage pizza from Pequod'sEven if you don’t call Chicago or Morton Grove home, you can still give the gift of Pequod’s Pizza to any pizza lover anywhere. We now ship our famous deep-dish pan pizza across the United States thanks to our partnership with Goldbelly.

Select from cheese, pepperoni, or sausage pan pizzas direct from our ovens to your gift recipients. We prepare the pizzas in-house, freeze them, pack them, and ship them directly to your door. With each bite, your favorite pizza lover will enjoy our signature Pequod’s caramelized bottom crust and generous toppings.

Gift Certificate or Gift Card for a Pizza-Themed Cooking Class

Would a friend or family member love to learn how to make the perfect pizza from a professional? Every metropolitan region across the country has at least one culinary school that connects food professionals with home cooks who want to master essential kitchen techniques. Look for pizza-themed cooking classes in your area and purchase a gift certificate or gift card. These gifts of experience have become popular holiday presents over the years, and they’re a perfect way to give those who love to cook a special treat for the holidays and for years to come.

Homemade Pizza Dough

Home cooks who love preparing pizzas will appreciate a gift of homemade pizza dough. Once you’ve prepared a batch of dough, divide it into single-pizza portions. Then, freeze each piece in a resealable plastic storage bag. To defrost, thaw the dough in the refrigerator for a day. Be sure to include your gift recipient’s favorite pizza toppings, a jar of homemade or commercially prepared tomato sauce, and some fresh cheeses to put over the top of your fresh pizza dough gift.

Kitchen Apron

When preparing a pizza masterpiece in your kitchen, you’re bound to fling around a little flour. A kitchen apron is essential for keeping your clothes free of cooking debris. Various styles of aprons are available from home goods stores and other kitchen-supply retailers. Tuck a few kitchen utensils, such as wooden spoons and metal dry measuring cups, into the pockets for extra thoughtfulness.

Pizza Cutter

The only proper way to cut a pizza is with a pizza cutter. When selecting a pizza cutter design for a Christmas gift, choose one with a wide blade capable of cutting through various crust thicknesses, including deep-dish pizza crust. Pizza cutters with ergonomic handles offer a comfortable grip so that you can get precise cuts every time.

Pizza Peel

Every serious pizza connoisseur needs a pizza peel in the kitchen. This flat board with a handle lets you transfer your pizza to a baking stone (see above) in the oven and transfer your cooked pizza to a serving platter. You can find pizza peels with different lengths of handles, but make sure you buy a high-quality seasoned wood model so it can last for years of pizza baking.

Pizza Tree Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with pizza ornaments, from slices to toppings. Many Christmas ornament retailers online offer whimsical designs for pizza-themed ornaments that any family or friend who loves pizza would appreciate receiving. Start a tradition by giving that special pizza enthusiast a unique ornament each year.

Specialty Oils and Vinegars

As any pizza fan can attest, a drizzling of the best extra-virgin olive oil or the richest balsamic vinegar can amp up the flavor profile of any pizza. You’ll find a plethora of specialty oils and vinegars from local and online retailers that make thoughtful Christmas gift ideas, especially when you combine them with some of the items mentioned above.

Give the Gift of Pizza This Holiday Season

As you’ve discovered, you can find many ideal gift options for pizza enthusiasts of every persuasion. No matter who they are or what their favorite pizza toppings may be, a pizza-themed gift will bring holiday cheer to their faces and a feeling of satisfaction in their bellies. And for those Chicago residents or Chicagoans at heart, you can order a frozen Pequod’s deep-dish pizza or a fun piece of Pequod’s swag for a thoughtful Christmas gift. All of us at Pequod’s Pizza wish you and all the pizza lovers in your life a holiday season of good eating.

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