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1. Air-fryer brownies

Air-fryer brownies in a stack on a plate

First up in the air-fryer dessert collection are these fudgy, double chocolate air-fryer brownies. Made with dark chocolate and studded with white chocolate chips, they taste every bit as luxurious as your standard oven-baked brownie, with less prep time required. The ingredient list is kept short and features everyday storecupboard ingredients, so you can bake whenever the mood strikes.

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2. Air-fryer Bramley apple crumble

Bowl of apple crumble topped with custard

While apple crumbles are typically associated with baking in the oven, we’ve come up with a solution to achieve golden, crumble heaven in the air-fryer. It takes 30 minutes to prep and cook, making it a winner for last-minute guests. Add dried berries, cherries or sultanas, if you like, and enjoy warm with cream, vanilla ice cream or custard.

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3. Air-fryer lemon drizzle cake

Air-fryer lemon drizzle cake cut into slices

Good news, lemon drizzle lovers! Air-fryers are great for making a fuss-free loaf cake, including this lemon drizzle. It takes about an hour to bake, but air-fryers tend to be more energy-efficient than convection ovens, and you’ll be as equally delighted with the results.

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4. Air-fryer banana bread

Air-fryer banana bread cut into slices

Fancy a spot of air-fryer baking this weekend? Put your kitchen kit to good use with this air-fryer recipe for banana bread, given a flavour boost with the addition of crunchy pecans and chocolate chips. Feel free try any other nuts you prefer.

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5. Air-fryer doughnuts

Two air-fryer doughnuts on a wire rack

Bake a batch of doughnuts in the air-fryer for ease. These air-fryer doughnuts have a slightly different texture to the deep-fried version, but they still come out fluffy and delicious, plus they use less oil. Top with a glaze or sugar and cinnamon for the ultimate afternoon treat!

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6. Air-fryer carrot cake

Carrot cake topped with icing and nuts

Call in your trusty air-fryer to make this classic carrot cake, topped with a deliciously smooth soft cheese icing and a scattering of crushed pecans for added crunch. Best enjoyed with friends and a just-brewed pot of tea.

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7. Air-fryer muffins

Air fryer muffins on a wire tray

Did you know you can make beautifully golden brown muffins in half the time? Thanks to the air-fryer, you can achieve the same fluffy muffins we know and love but in just 25 minutes. The beauty of this recipe is the freedom to personalise with your favourites: blueberries, chocolate chips or dried fruit all work. You can even double the mixture to make more.

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8. Air-fryer healthy cookies

Healthy cookies

Use your air-fryer to make these crunchy raspberry, almond & oat cookies, simply place the cookies in a single layer in the air-fryer basket and air-fry for 8-10 mins until firm around the edges and golden brown. These energy-boosting morsels are perfect for a quick breakfast, or offer as snacks to bridge the hunger gap before dinner. Enjoy with yogurt and fruit, if you like.

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9. Air-fryer mince pies

Broken mince pie on a plate next to several others shaped into a Christmas tree.

Save energy and effort while enjoying a festive staple with these air-fryer mince pies. Air-fryer baking has never looked so decadent! To cut time you can use ready-made shortcrust pastry, perfect if you’re after a last-minute bake to replenish your cake tin over the festive period. And if you’re a die hard mince pie fan, who says you can’t enjoy all year round?

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