AllPlants launches collaboration with vegan chef Rachel Ama

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What is AllPlants?

Rachel Ama and friends eating a dish from her AllPlants range

AllPlants produces plant-based, frozen, ready-to-heat meals made by a team of chefs and nutritionists, with a focus on sustainability and flavour. The dishes are delivered frozen, ready for you to heat them when you’re ready to eat.

There are over 80 dishes to choose from at AllPlants, with options to suit every taste. Bestsellers include spicy, sticky teriyaki udon noodles; comforting sautéed truffle mushroom orzo; and a hearty miso and tamari buddha bowl.

Shop the AllPlants x Rachel Ama range

How much does AllPlants cost?

Dishes from AllPlants start at £4.99, but to shop directly with AllPlants you’ll need to have a minimum order value of £30. The dishes that are part of Rachel Ama’s collaboration with AllPlants start from £7.50 for single servings, while a two person serving costs £10.95.

You can also shop AllPlants‘ bundles, which start from £25 for the First Taste bundles that include five single-serving dishes – these are favourites among customers, such as the creamy mac & greens and teriyaki udon.

Shop the AllPlants x Rachel Ama range

How does an AllPlants subscription work?

You can choose to make a one-off order from AllPlants, or have dishes delivered to your home regularly as part of a subscription. This works by letting you first choose which dishes you’d like to order (your basket will need to total over £30). You can then choose how often you’d like a delivery, from once a week, to once every six weeks.

The box will be delivered between 7am and 9pm on your chosen delivery date, in a specially designed box that will keep contents frozen until 1opm that day. The courier will send a text with a more precise delivery time on the day, but if you’ll be out, you can choose a safe place for the box to be left. You can stick to your favourites or choose new dishes for each delivery. If you’ll be away from home, you can also skip or cancel your subscription at any time.

A subscription is a good option if you’re looking to save. If you order dishes worth over £50, you’ll be eligible for free delivery, plus you can get 35% off your first order, then 15% off your second and third orders using the code 35PLANTS when you subscribe.

Shop the AllPlants x Rachel Ama range

What is included in new AllPlants X Rachel Ama collaboration?

The collaboration between AllPlants and Rachel Ama includes a selection of the chef’s recipes, which have been recreated as ready-to-heat dishes. The collaboration consists of five dishes: two pasta meals (double green orecchiette with spinach, basil & parsley, and smoked aubergine & walnut ragu); the black bean power bowl, which has a medium level of heat from jalapeños and chipotle, plus pickled red cabbage and cauliflower rice; the chimichurri portobello mushroom bowl with spicy, smoky roasted mushrooms and a vibrant sauce alongside herbaceous green rice; and the West African peanut curry, inspired by Rachel Ama’s mum’s Sierra Leone roots.

Shop the AllPlants x Rachel Ama range

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