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Do you want to cook with fresh herbs more often? But don’t want to get groceries 1-2 times a week? Well, that’s why I put together this Aerogarden Harvest review 2023 edition. If you love cooking good food at home, growing herbs indoors is the way to go.

aerogarden herb system with thai basil growing feature pic

If you live in a home with no garden space, or if you want to be able to grow fresh gourmet herbs through the winter. Either way, you’ve probably thought about an indoor garden like Aerogarden for your kitchen. Especially if you love to cook with herbs.

So how do you know if it is right for you? In this Aerogarden Harvest review, we’ll talk about what it is, who could benefit from one, and the pros and cons of owning your own little garden in the kitchen.

pruning and growing herbs in the aerogarden harvest slim
Not even a month into owning my Aerogarden Harvest Slim, I was able to cook with fresh herbs! Here I’m pruning Genovese basil from my indoor herb garden to garnish a baked chicken dish.

What’s an Aerogarden?

An Aerogarden is a small hydroponic garden you can keep in your kitchen to grow herbs and veggies. It uses bright LED lights and fertilized water to grow your plants with a seed pod. They are great for growing delicious ingredients for your favorite recipes.

fresh cut aerogarden herbs on a cutting board
A harvest from one of my first prunings of the Aerogarden Harvest. Look at all the fresh basil — I’m in love!

2023 Aerogarden Harvest Review

Is an Aerogarden worth it? Here you’ll learn the good and bad about the Aerogarden so you can decide if they might be a good fit for you and your family.


  • Small Size – You don’t need much room to accommodate these gardens. A little space on the counter is more than enough to grow healthy plants.
  • Easy Setup – The setup is ridiculously simple. It’s as easy as choosing a Miracle-Gro full spectrum pod kit. After that, you can add water and use the simple control panel to get things started.
Aerogarden sprouting fresh herbs including dill thyme and genovese basil sprouting
Caption – Within a week or two, almost all of my indoor herbs were sprouting. And as you can see in this picture, within the first month, I had enough of a bounty, or a harvest like the name implies, that I could cook a variety of flavorful dishes. Here my Aerogarden Harvest is sprouting fresh herbs including dill, thyme, and genovese basil.

More reasons to buy an Aerogarden:

  • Always Have Fresh Ingredients – After a short wait, your plants will be fully grown and producing delicious edible ingredients to kick up the flavor in your cooking. It’s super convenient to have fresh herbs at the ready whenever you need them.
  • Variety – There are multiple seed kits to choose from. You can grow petunias, lavender, Thai basil, curly parsley, tomatoes, and all kinds of other options. You can use seed pods kits to plant up to 6 different plants at a time with the Harvest Aerogarden model. There are also other Aerogarden models you can buy with 3, 9, and 12 seed pods. For the space I had available, and the herbs I wanted to grow and maintain, 6 was the perfect amount to start with.
  • Plants Grow Quickly – One of the best things about these gardens is that the plants grow so fast. Generally, seeds grow up to 5 times faster than they would be planted in a soil garden outdoors.
Aerogarden light with dill growing tall
Check out this amazing fresh dill growing super tall! As you can see, the light is very bright. I found it to be a bit too bright to be in my line of sight while working in my office, which is where I keep my Aerogarden Harvest herb garden. I do like having a light on in the room for most of the day, but keep it behind me so I don’t have to see it.


  • The Light is Extremely Bright – Some folks who buy the Aerogarden Harvest have been a little surprised at just how bright the light for indoor gardening is. It can be on for 15 hours a day, so it’s important to find a spot that isn’t going to disturb anyone.
  • Customer Service – Not speaking from experience myself, but in some Aerogarden reviews, their customer service has had some complaints. People have said that it is hard to get ahold of their customer service department when they’ve had any issues or questions. Other people have said that they get quick responses to issues – like when they ask for a seed pod replacement if theirs didn’t sprout.
Aerogarden growing fresh dill mint parsley dill thyme and genovese basil sprouting

Final Thoughts

I hope this Aerogarden harvest review can help you decide, “are Aerogardens worth it to try for yourself?”. If you like to cook restaurant-quality meals in your own home, it could take your cooking to the next level.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my Aerogarden purchase. So much so, I have 3 of them! These days I’m going to the stores much less.

Herbs don’t last very long when purchased from the grocery store, so it’s been so handy to have fresh herbs with my indoor garden.

It’s much easier to grocery shop once a month and then buy and freeze food.

Anyways, let me know what you think about indoor herb gardens like the Aerogarden. Find me on Instagram to see what I’m growing ATM @sipbitego.

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aerogarden herb system with thai basil growing

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