5 of the best BBQ boxes to try this summer – taste tested

DukesHill BBQ box

Best classic BBQ box

For a classic barbecue box with a little bit of everything, you can’t go wrong with this DukesHill delivery. The classic box serves four to six, with the showstopper being two barbecue pork rib racks cured in DukesHill’s own sticky marinade. Traditional pork sausages and steak burgers are also included, and we like that the delivery includes four large burger buns, so you don’t need to pick these up separately. The compact (but weighty) box arrives with plenty of ice packs to keep the meat cool on arrival.

Available from:
DukesHill (£41.50)

Piper’s Farm surf and turf BBQ box

Surf & Turf BBQ Box, £49.95 - www.pipersfarm.com

If you want more than sausages, try this chic surf and turf barbecue box from Piper’s Farm. Feeding four to six people, the box includes two sirloin steaks, six hand-dived scallops (complete with roe) and a monkfish tail – perfect for turning a barbecue into a dinner party. The scallops are plump and juicy, the whole monkfish tail is meaty and the steaks are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Everything arrives frozen (with a box of sea salt, all in 100% recyclable packaging), so you can keep it on standby for the ideal sunny weekend.

Available from:
Piper’s Farm (£55.80)

MuscleFood BBQ meat box

BBQ MF Hamper Cooked

Best budget BBQ box

Serving up to six people for just £28, this barbecue box from MuscleFood is a great budget option. Alongside a generous 12 Cumberland sausages, four hot dogs and classic steak burgers, the box also contains a variety of chicken products, which may appeal if you’re focusing on lean proteins. These include piri-piri diced chicken breast (which would be great for skewers), drumsticks, burgers and marinated chicken steaks.

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Available from:
MuscleFood (£28)

HECK BBQ bundle

HECK BBQ bundle

Best for sausages

This colourful, wallet-friendly barbecue bundle is under £30, and perfect for a simple family barbecue. It contains an impressive six different types of sausages (including veggie), and five different styles of burgers. This is handy if you’re serving a crowd or lots of kids, and want to focus on classic barbecue fare – especially if you’re nervous about cooking larger cuts of meat on the barbecue. Our highlights were the spring chicken chipolatas (with spring onion, chilli and ginger) and juicy steak and butter burgers. Stash in the freezer so you’ll be barbecue-ready all summer long.

Available from:
HECK (£29.99)

The Ginger Pig BBQ box

sausages, burgers and pork chops in parchment paper with dark slate background

For an extra-special barbecue, this selection from The Ginger Pig serves six to eight people. The impressive feast includes a 660g T-bone steak centrepiece (try making our all-American T-bone recipe), along with classic burgers and juicy Lincolnshire sausages. Rump steaks and pork chops are also included, and could even be saved to enjoy throughout the week. Meat arrives vacuum-packed in a fully recyclable cardboard box, with eco-friendly insulated lining and ice packs to keep the delivery fresh.

Available from:
The Ginger Pig (£96)

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