16 Uniquely Asheville Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

While no doubt love is the most potent force in the universe, the Western world has quickly been moving into a more inclusive definition of love, expanding it from romantic love to other meaningful connections with friends and even fur friends.

Nowadays, every loving relationship is celebrated on Valentine’s Day. While this list focuses mainly on romance, I’ve included options for Galentine’s Day gifts, fur Valentine experiences, and even gift ideas for single folks.

Choosing a uniquely Asheville Valentine’s Day gift can be complicated because there are so many cool choices. To help you out, I’ve included a list of some of the best local gift ideas perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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1. Get a Bonbon Box from Marble & Steel 

Unique Asheville Valentines Gift Ideas: BonBon Box
 Image courtesy of Marble & Steel

Owned by a husband-and-wife team of chocolatiers, Marble & Steel craft chocolates are made with the freshest ingredients. They’re both delicious and so visually attractive you’ll feel sorry-not sorry eating them. 

You can buy one of the many ready-to-go boxes or customize yours for your Valentine. They also sell delicious barks and chocolate bars – the pink Crispy Peanut Butter Heart Bar is perfect for the occasion.

2. Get Rejuvenated at Asheville Quantum Wholeness

The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Asheville Quantum Wholeness
Image courtesy of Asheville Quantum Wholeness

Asheville Quantum Wholeness offers an incredible Holiday Rejuvenation 4 Pack Special for just $99 with four unique wellness experiences (this typically costs $350!). You can buy it through February 15th and your valentine can use the sessions within one year. 

They’ll get acupuncture therapy, experience an “altered state of consciousness” using Wim Hof breathing techniques, take a Quantum session, and be pampered with an organic head-to-toe skincare treatment. This makes a great gift for the friend in your life who needs some well-deserved “me time” this Valentine’s Day.

3. Commission a Custom Charcoal Portrait 

For a special Asheville Valentine’s gift for your love, Heidi Hoffer draws unique charcoal portraits of “folks like you.” She’ll offer a Valentine’s Day Portrait Special at North Light Studios in the River Arts District on the Saturday before February 14th from 10 am to 5 pm.

The sessions last for 30 minutes and include a quick interview, a couple of sketches, and reference photos. Then, you’ll come back after an hour, or the next day, to pick up the 9×12 finished piece. Heidi will work with photos if you or your loved one can’t make it that day – just call. 

4. Pick Up Treats from Old Europe Pastries

	Unique Asheville Valentines Gift Ideas: Old Europe Pastries

Old Europe Pastries is one of the best dessert shops in Asheville and a great spot to hang out downtown. They have incredible goodies year-round and seasonal treats to celebrate holidays. You can also order customized cakes and dessert tables, including an adorable mini version of all its desserts.

The scrumptious Black Diamond hearts make the perfect Asheville Valentine’s Day treat: a thick chocolate cake covered with chocolate cream and dipped in… chocolate! Other amazing options are the Berry Pavlova, the adorable Linzer Hearts, the Cream Puff for Two, the heart-shaped Alan’s Shortbread, or their signature Eclair.

You can’t miss the decorated chocolate-covered strawberries and the heart-adorned Valentine’s Day macarons.

5. Gift a Boudoir Photo Session

Nothing is better than feeling confident and gorgeous in your body, regardless of shape, size, age, and preconceptions. Boudoir photo sessions promote body positivity, freedom to be-YOU-tiful, and are sexy and fun! You can gift your Valentine with one, do one and gift your partner a photo album with the results, or book a session for both of you. 

We all – especially women – can relate to Sarah, owner of Virago Boudoir Photography:  “It took me too many years to start seeing my own beauty, and my first boudoir session changed my life. I want to show you the same experience. Because our lives are better when we love ourselves.”

Take a leap and book a session – Sarah will walk you through the process with compassion and grace.

6. Reconnect with a Partner Yoga Class 

The Best Valentine Gift: Yoga Class
Image courtesy of Asheville Yoga Center

There is no better gift for Valentine’s Day than the gift of presence, and the practice of yoga encourages it. Asheville Yoga Center hosts a perfect class to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Asheville. You’ll love Gota and Ainhoa, the facilitators. They are a sweet, grounded couple that has been practicing and teaching yoga for decades.

This class is suitable for all levels. “Come explore playfulness and buoyancy, which expands the traditional practices of yoga into the realm of relationship and authentic connection with others.” 

7. Get a Gift Certificate from Tranquility Massage 

Unique Asheville Valentines Gift Ideas: Tranquility Massage Asheville
 Image courtesy of Tranquility Massage Asheville

Melissa at Tranquility Massage Asheville is one of those people who has magic in their hands. Whether you want a relaxing experience or a restorative deep-tissue massage, you’ll be in the best hands.

You’ll love the calming studio in Candler, which features the work of local artists. Melissa can also bring her massage chair to events and group settings if you want to gift your work team a top-notch Asheville Valentine’s Day gift!

8. Book a Session at Spiral Intuitive

Best Asheville Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Spiral Intuitive
Image courtesy of Spiral Intuitive

Shifra at Spiral Intuitive does profound interactive tarot readings, using other tools like her intuition and guided visualizations to help you get cleared out of a challenge or gain a deeper understanding of yourself. 

Shifra also does intuitive readings for dogs and cats, house and business blessings, guided journeys for healing, chakra clearing therapy, and ritual and ceremony planning. 

You can book a session through her website or find her often at the House of Black Cat Magic, a magic shop, cat lounge, and foster home for black kitties. Follow her on Instagram to see when she’ll be there.

9. Create a Custom Floral Arrangement

The one-of-a-kind hand-blown Som Bud Vases from Lexington Glass Works are whimsical and elegant and can be combined into a group that will enhance the decor of any room. 

Pair them with fresh flowers from Pollen, and you’ll have the perfect Asheville Valentine’s Day gift. Pollen is a multi-roaster café, too, so grab a cup and some pastries and rush to your date!

10. Gift Local Jewelry

	The Best Valentine Gift: Yoga Class: Ideas Local Jewelry
Image courtesy of Ashley Lozano

Ashley Lozano‘s creations are gorgeous and meaningful. She tells a story with each customized piece and can make any design you have in mind come true. You’ll have difficulty deciding what to choose, from pendants and rings to bracelets and earrings.

The heart-shaped pendants and Handwriting Rings featuring actual signatures are fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts, while the baby footprint pieces are a great choice for mothers. 

Ashley also loves creating pieces with pet footprints, too, and is passionate about custom memorial jewelry. All pieces come in ready-to-gift packages. 

11. Get a Sauna House Gift Certificate

Best Asheville Valentines Gift Sauna House
Image courtesy of Sauna House

Asheville offers many incredible spa and wellness experiences. The Sauna House‘s “Hot, Cold, Relax, Repeat” formula works like a charm to achieve more relaxation and strength. I feel so rejuvenated and energized every time I leave!

They offer packages and memberships and have a good line of body lotions and oils that make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts. There are two public saunas: one provides a social experience, with places to chill with friends and enjoy music and conversation, while the other is a quiet area. You can also book private traditional and infrared sauna sessions.

12. Put Together an Asheville Gift Basket

While you can get a gift box at Asheville Detours, Mast General Store, or The Rhu, it’s so exciting to make your own. You can shop around Asheville’s many farmers’ markets, downtown, or the River Arts District. Here are some of my suggestions for local products you can add to your gift basket:

13. Gift the Chance to Smash a Car

No list of Asheville Valentine’s Day gifts would be complete without including something for those whose hearts are broken and who need to heal before finding love again. Hi-Wire Brewing‘s annual “Cupid Is Stupid” car-smashing lets your anger out in a safe, super fun space. 

Combine it with a Hex Your Ex bonfire, where you can get a hex for a couple of dollars to throw into the fire, and your heart will be ready to love again in no time. 

14. Celebrate Galentine’s Day with a Pole-Dancing Class

Unique Ashville Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Dance Club Asheville

Dance Club Asheville offers all kinds of dance classes and workshops in a very supportive environment. This will also work for a Galentine’s Day gift, but I think it’s a great plan to celebrate friendship with your girls year-round. 

You can book private burlesque, twerking, or hip-hop dance lessons, with fun props and champagne included. You can even learn an entire striptease to the song of your choice while wearing stilettos and feather boas!

15. Treat Your Furr-Ever Love

Asheville Local Nonprints Asheville Humane

Asheville Humane Society‘s Furr-Ever Valentine offers professional photographs of you and your fur Valentine for a donation-based fee. The best part? All the proceeds will benefit this excellent nonprofit that does such great work to protect Asheville’s animals.

The event takes place at Ginger’s Revenge, which serves up alcoholic ginger beers that are naturally gluten-free and made with 95% organic ingredients. They also have the best ginger ale in town!

After the event, you can take Fido to Posana or Twisted Laurel to treat them to some items from the restaurants’ dog menus (yes, you read that right!) or grab some doggie ice cream from The Hop!

16. Gift a Romantic Getaway to Alchemy

Asheville has many cool romantic hotels and Airbnb rental houses that will make the perfect setting for a restorative Valentine’s Day weekend. But this place is one-of-a-kind! You enter Alchemy through an unpretentious tent, but don’t let that fool you: a spirited ride on a 12-foot indoor spiral slide will take you to a dream-like home.

You’ll love the “Harry Potter”-inspired spaces, the outdoor sitting tent with a fire pit, the spectacular mountain views, and the location, which is 10 minutes from downtown. 

There you have it! 16 unique Asheville gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Did we miss any cool local gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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